artificial intelligence

Terminator. I, Robot. The Matrix. These are all movies where robots become sentient and begin to think for themselves to the point that the only way to survive is to destroy or subdue all humans. The movie Atlas on Netflix starring Jennifer Lopez is a direct descendant of these films. Where the fear that Artificial […]

The applications of AI seem immeasurable. Some are good and some are not, but this is one that seems like a good thing. Michael Bommer will be the first person turned into a “digital memory” similar to a journal by AI referred to as a “Digital Memoir”. The company that provides it asks a series […]

A stroke stole his voice. People on the internet have done something similar. While using AI to have some fun with vocal recordings is OK it can come off as hurtful if people are using it to further their career. So, Randy Travis who can no longer sing and his team decided to use AI […]

Recently I’ve covered new movies that have been sequels or remakes. The thing is that if the nostalgia is deep enough or if the movie is a vast improvement they make money and people enjoy them. There has always been a clamoring for shows and movies to be remade with shouts of “This would be […]

As much as Artificial Intelligence should be used with caution and we should have concerns about people abusing it there are also helpful applications. Even Santa could use a hand this time of year and AI seems to be a legitimate way of helping him out. Since there are so many good boys and girls […]

As the human race continues to try its best to improve everything from transportation to the arts we have seen many advancements in several decades. The last 100 years or so we have taken several leaps it seems in a short amount of time. As computers became part of everyday life it feels like things […]

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