It’s not the first time we’ve heard a story like this. A small private plane has to make an emergency landing so they find a highway and try to put it down as safely as possible. If a camera happens to catch it there is usually light to no traffic and it’s a dash or […]

When it comes to kids they are a source of absolutes and are usually pretty frank in their opinions. If you ask then about anything they will tell you what they know with unbiased opinion. Even if it’s wrong. If you’ve ever needed motivation and just don’t feel like you’re getting what you need maybe […]

How many action movies have we seen since the the 1980s that have a dramatic rescue scene? At some point the hero narrowly escapes the death as they jump from a car that’s about to explode or they pull someone from the burning wreckage just as it falls from a cliff. Then there is always […]

I’m the father of two kids and was present at both of their births that both came with varying degrees of stress and excitement. The best part is that they were both in a hospital and there were medical professionals present. I’ve heard stories of people not making it that far and having their child […]

In sports it is always the simple understanding: the team that scores the most points wins. Easy. After that there are certain unwritten rules in sport, especially in high school sports. These are rules of mutual respect given usually when a contest is out of reach by one team and the other team shows a […]

The price of homes that last year has been astounding. I’ve heard of homes being sold for more than double what they would normally be worth in the current market. It’s the one thing the pandemic actually affected in a different manner. Now the cost of building a new home has also gone up exponentially […]

OK, there are too many “bowl games” in college football. Let’s just get that out there. You have the big ones like the Rose Bowl, Cotton Bowl, Orange Bowl, Peach Bowl and Sugar Bowl that have been around forever. The only difference is the sponsors that have attached themselves to them. After that you get […]

OK, let’s all be honest here: if you saw a bear in your backyard and it was taking stabs at your dog you would be distressed. Would you be so upset that you would charge the bear and shove it off a wall? Most likely not. I mean, it’s a freaking bear! In this case […]

I’ve had animals run out in front of me multiple times. The majority of times I’ve avoided them by applying the brakes or them being decisive in their travel path and we both come out unscathed. This weekend the wife and I were traveling to Winona and a bird hit the frame of our open […]

In a surprising turn Caitlyn Jenner – formerly known as Bruce Jenner an Olympic Decathlete has entered the race for Governor of California. She currently is a reality TV star as part of the Kardashian family. California may have a recall election and she is looking to take over the job. Jenner made the announcement […]

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