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Yesterday I kept seeing posts that Saturday Night Live had one of the funniest shows they’ve ever had. Ryan Gosling was the host and we all know he can handle comedy with his recent performance in “Barbie”. There were skits with Kate McKinnon making a cameo, Caitlin Clark showed up and a sketch with distracting […]

It’s a question some are asking after seeing this video and they want the police involved. Apparently, this tow truck in San Francisco was stopped at the red light and tried to hook up the car behind him using the tow bar. He purposely puts it down and tried to back under the car behind […]

Sometimes someone comes along and changes everything. Usually they are honored near or at the end of a long and illustrious career. Their impact is felt far and wide though and is undeniable. Caitlin Clark is definitely one of those people even though her professional career hasn’t even started yet. There’s no telling how that […]

Whenever you see an older famous person’s name trending on social media your first thought is they must have passed away. Recently, names have popped up for other reasons such as landmark moments or for no reason at all other than someone put up an “appreciation post” and it took off from there. So, this […]

Oh boy. This may sound like a simple issue, but it is far from it. Morgan Wallen got arrested in Nashville because he threw a chair off the roof of a bar called Chief’s. It luckily landed on the sidewalk without harming anyone, but it did land right next to two police officers. They investigated […]

We are not in the path of totality for the eclipse today. I know some people are actually driving to see it, but that’s not something everyone can do. So here are a few sites you can go to and see it from the comfort of you home, school, or work. And your eyes won’t […]

We all have this problem somewhere in our homes. Guys might be more apt to have it on a workbench or have a desk with several cords that they may need again someday for an electronic device. Closets, drawers, pantries can all be places with clutter. This professional organizer has some tips for decluttering the […]

When you watch a disaster movie you know that there will be destruction of a certain level depending on the title. “Twister”, “San Andreas”, “Towering Inferno”, ….. “Sharknado” all give you an idea of what to expect. There is also a formula of the heroes either having to save someone trapped in the middle of […]

This would be terrifying to say the least. Have you ever gotten a little too close to the edge of an overhang or roof, or maybe just the curb? That feeling you get is still a little bit of fear depending on the height and implications if you actually did fall. Have you ever thought […]

While this seems like an obvious April Fools Day prank they went full send. They posted this over the weekend so they would have ample video for April 1st. I gotta admit it’s pretty funny! My guess is it’s a dual purpose thing: a prank, but also to remind drivers to stop when people are […]

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