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The NFL has the formula for making it the biggest spectacle in sports. No matter if it’s the off season or middle of the regular season the NFL rules the airwaves. The draft has become a three day event, some people want the day after the Super Bowl made into a national holiday or moved […]

We live in an age where people use social media more than most mediums to promote items or themselves. Videos of them telling jokes, making fun of their pets, doing extreme stunts, and dancing. Dancing seems to be the best way to go viral. There are thousands of videos of people doing the exact same […]

Hollywood has it’s many characters and stars from all walks of life and genres. We know the stars by an easy glimpse whether it’s Jennifer Lawrence, Ryan Reynolds, Brad Pitt, or Meryl Streep that are on the screen. The stars are easy to remember and there have been a million more actors and actresses that […]

“From the land of sky blue waters!” If you’re of a certain age or your parents raised you right you didn’t just read that line. You were singing it. Hamm’s beer was a pretty iconic beer from 1865 until 1997 when the brewery in St. Paul, MN finally closed. Hamm’s was the 5th largest distributor […]

When I was growing up I always remembered my parents telling me not to take a shower or bath during a lightning storm. I could be electrocuted! I always thought it was an old wives’ tale when I got in my teen years. That never happens! They never said anything about using the toilet during […]

It’s not often that Minnesota gets connected to one of the biggest events in sports. The Kentucky Derby is billed as “the greatest 2 minutes in sports” and is considered the biggest horse race of the year and kicks off The Triple Crown of races. Minnesota has been a part of Kentucky Derby history when […]

There are many incredible tales of people being dead only to be discovered they weren’t at a later time. Usually these stories stem from a lack of medical knowledge from past centuries when people had death like medical conditions. Epilepsy, comas, seizures, the plague all probably contributed to people being prematurely buried. There are stories […]

The NFL business model is to continue to expand the reach of professional football world wide. There are several countries that have semi-pro versions of American football, but nothing close to the NFL since the World League existed. Every year a couple games are played over there now where previously there was only one. Originally […]

Like something right out of an episode of “CSI” there was something gruesome and scary found in a Las Vegas Lake the other day. Boaters were apparently docking their boat an heard a woman scream not far away. When they went to her aid they found a barrel that had been exposed by Lake Mead’s […]

Every year we have the NFL Draft and I am an avid viewer of it. I love the speculation and overreaction of fans and draft experts alike when there is a major trade or a player doesn’t go where they are expected to be picked. We all remember the fall of players like Aaron Rodgers […]

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