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I know that the real “Karens” of the world are sick of their name being dragged through the Internet muck. The good people with this name really don’t deserve half the grief they get for the few yet embarrassingly mean people in the world that have been branded with their name. Sometimes in these situations […]

It’s a great time in the fall when tournament time comes around. For small towns a great tournament can really bring a town together rallying behind their favorite teams and athletes. Last year there was barely a season and there wasn’t any tournament games as most were canceled by Covid outbreaks in schools. This year […]

I’ve always been in awe of anyone that decorates their home to the extreme for the holidays. The Internet is filled with people and their impressive Christmas decorations. I remember in the early 2000s when a guy first synched all his lights up to music and the world was wowed by the hard work it […]

We all remember a few years ago when it didn’t seem like you could turn on the radio and not hear a big “WHOOOOOO!!” for a car dealership. The commercials were at times polarizing. Some people loved them and some people did not. One thing I noticed is if I traveled north in Minnesota I […]

There are people that will always tell you how dangerous something is as if it’s the most dangerous thing ever. In actuality it’s just another everyday thing that you could get injured doing or even worse. My response has always been that you can get hurt “just getting out of bed”. In some cases you […]

There are several videos we’ve seen of animals in precarious situations. Some are funnier than others such as when we see a dog or cat with their head stuck in a bag or cup and the people trying to free them. Usually that’s pretty harmless. Worse is when we see animals that usually live in […]

There aren’t as many old farm homes out there with the original root cellar in them. Most have been renovated to add space to a home or have been filled in. The house I grew up in had one that became part of our basement game room. Usually these were used to store canned goods […]

“Space, … the final frontier…” You don’t have to be a “Trekkie” to know that iconic quote from Star Trek, the TV show that started in the 1960s and became a cultural icon spawning movies and spin-offs galore. It made names like Captain James T. Kirk, Mr Spock, Lt. Uhura, Mr. Sulu, and many more […]

We take for granted so many things we get immediately or within a short time. Some of us have forgotten what it was like without cell phone, and the Internet and the multiple social media apps available to stay connected. The usual months long waiting for senior pictures or that perfect wedding album now can […]

Here’s the deal: I don’t care who you are or what you’re thoughts are on the subjects. SNL had probably one of the most biting, and frankly honest commentaries you will see on the recent videos that have surfaced from around the country of school board meetings. It is getting a lot of buzz because […]

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