Author: Tony Schultz

Your Friendsgiving could get a major upgrade this year thanks to a new offering by The hotel booking site has announced that an entire island off the Florida coast will be available for one week next month to host your Friendsgiving celebration. The aptly named “Friendsgiving Island” boasts a 3-bed, 2-bath, 5,000-square-foot vacation home […]

Today’s 7AM pledge of Allegiance shout-out with Bauer’s Market and Garden Center goes to the many Friends and Family of the Late Francis Wenthold of Ossian, Iowa. Francis was instrumental in setting up The Ossian Ambulance service. He was also very active in the Ossian Legion Club. In the 1950s He served in the US […]

There’s no doubt that the movie theater industry is struggling as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to rage on, but AMC is providing a glimmer of hope by offering moviegoers a special chance to get in front of the big screen again. AMC has announced that select movie theaters are set to host private screening parties, […]

Today’s 7AM Shout-Out with Bauer’s Market and Garden Center Goes to George McGovern. He passed away on October 21st, 2012 at the age of 90. He was a Senator from South Dakota and a 1972 Presidential candidate, losing by a landslide to Richard Nixon. In 1944, at the height of WWII McGovern began flying missions […]

A janitor in Clearwater Beach, Florida, is literally turning people’s heads with his new mode of transportation, which he calls his “blue collar limousine.” Brian Edward Kahrs’ new viral vehicle is actually pretty simple, consisting of just a mop bucket, an umbrella and a leaf blower. For the “blue collar limousine” to work, Brian sits […]

At times we see married couples do special things at weddings either for themselves, a family member, or the guests. Surprises are the norm and it usually is funny and unexpected. This groom really must be good at keeping secrets as he had his wife’s students, who have Down syndrome be the ring bearers and […]

If you venture into Social Media as a Vikings fan this is a name you may see pop up more and more: Trevor Lawrence. You may also see it accompanied by the hash tag #TankForTrevor. Why will you see this? Here’s why: with the Vikings having one of the worst seasons in recent history and […]

Because 2020 is 2020 why wouldn’t this happen? A Zamboni at a New York ice arena bursts into flames while on the ice. Somehow the driver has the intestinal fortitude to stay on it and drive it off the ice where the fire is extinguished. No one was hurt and no further damage done. There […]

A Canadian woman sent back some artifacts she pilfered from Pompeii because she thinks they’re cursed. She has had nothing but bad luck and bad health since she took them when she was 21. We’ll have to wait and see if her life gets better. This story just reinforces that you shouldn’t steal and karma […]

A young man out for a walk came across a momma and her babies a few miles down the trail. Needless to say he had to endure 6 minutes of walking backwards with the mountain lion following him and lunging and hissing at him and showing it’s teeth. Luckily he did everything the right way […]

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