Author: Tony Schultz

If it hasn’t already hit your feeds it will soon and it’s not something new. “Pilk” is making another round of social media following the “dirty soda” trend of mixing milk, creme, and other syrups with pop. Some combinations sound weird, but are actually quite good. The cola and milk mix was even popular on […]

I love the Christmas season! Always have and I think it’s due to my positive outlook and the chance for people to be better and do better at this time of year. Christmas music is a must, but even I have some songs that I could hear less of or remove from the playlist altogether. […]

This isn’t your normal “country artist” that is for sure. Jelly Roll, AKA Jason DeFord is known more for rapping than he is for waxing nostalgic about a lost love and a pickup truck. However, you can’t deny the crossover hit he has had with “Son of A Sinner” that has climbed the country charts […]

This time of year there are a few things we’re reminded of weather-wise: slow down in bad weather, make sure your cell phone is charged, wear a warm coat, and stay off the ice when it’s not safe. Every year you see a picture or news story of someone going through the ice with a […]

When some run out, these are the people that run in. Police, fire, and EMS are the ones that head into situations where life and death may be an issue and time is of the essence. They put aside their personal safety at times to make sure someone is saved or cared for as quickly […]

Imagine being someone else for 53 years of your life and then someone tells you it’s all a terrible story. Imagine being a family that had their child stolen when she was just shy of 2 years old, and they finally find her after 51 years. That’s the story that came to a conclusion just […]

Lot’s of people in the tri-states complain about the weather. It’s too cold. It’s too hot. It’s not the heat it’s the humidity. It’s not the cold it’s the windchill. I don’t like snow. I always point out that no one is forcing you to live here and you’re welcome to move anywhere in the […]

When we hear the word “stroke” in the medical sense we know that it is never a good thing. When it comes to someone experiencing this medical situation time is of the essence to get them assistance. Sometimes people succumb to it, others live but have diminished functions, and sometimes they fully recover. It can […]

A few days ago I saw a post go out about a young man in Wisconsin who had scored his first buck. The problem was that someone stole it from his family’s residence right out of their driveway! Not cool. His dad put up a post on Facebook begging for help finding the stolen deer […]

When we are in elementary school we are taught at a young age to stay away from strangers. Not that everyone is bad, but people trying to lure you away with gifts or candy or saying that they’re lost is a bad sign and you need to run away. We never think it will happen […]

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