Author: Tony Schultz

Every once in awhile someone posts something so ridiculous to the internet it can’t help but get some attention. Usually people say a few mean things and it kind of disappears. In the case I’m about to present it has not calmed down at all it has, in fact …. caught fire into a hilarious […]

Well, it was bound to happen to somebody. It’s difficult to win the Super Bowl and it’s just as difficult to go winless in a season. It has happened to Detroit before and it looked like they might be on that path again in the first season of 17 games. You just don’t want it […]

We all know how awesome Dolly Parton is. She is a supremely talented singer and actress, a theme park owner, and a philanthropist that helps many charities. Some have said that there are charities she supports that most people don’t even know about. Whenever she pops up on a talk show she is always funny […]

I can’t honestly say that, but I’m going to guess they do their best to not make it smell that way. There are “pop up” bars and shops every year around this time of year. They usually grab on to a theme and use that to market the business in a unique way. In La […]

It’s not too often that we get new, or better stated original Christmas music to add to our holiday playlist. While we might like Bing Crosby, Michael Bolton, and Garth Brooks singing “White Christmas” hearing the same song sung differently can get a little tiresome. It’s refreshing when a new Christmas song comes out that […]

Brett Eldredge is a man of many talents, especially vocally. He has 5 number one hits starting in 2012 with his single “Don’t Ya”. Growing up in Illinois Brett is more mid-western than Southern Country. He headed to Nashville in 2009 when he wrote the single “I Think I’ve Had Enough” for Gary Allen. Brett […]

Tis the season for bright lights and holiday cheer! KQ98 Cares and the La Crosse Regional Airport want you to go check out the 27th Annual Rotary Lights at Riverside Park. There are nearly 160,000 visitors per year that come enjoy the holiday tradition. The best part is that you can walk, drive through, or […]

#ColbertSmallBizBump … it’s a hashtag you should get to know and maybe even use. What is it? During the pandemic The Late Show with Stephen Colbert has been using it and social media to help out small businesses around the country. They feature a business in their segment and have even made “commercials” for the […]

This last weekend was full of football! There was college games that changed the balance of the playoffs and rivalry games that went down to the wire. The NFL was in full swing with games on Thanksgiving Day and then again on Sunday, and in some states there was high school football wrapping up their […]

Have you heard this one before? The Vikings play a close game overcoming a deficit in the 4th quarter only to lose due to a few flukes and a few missed opportunities. How about this one? The Vikings allow a team to score in the last few minutes of the first half and go in […]

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