Author: Tony Schultz

So many people tell me how relaxing golf is and that it’s really fun. When I was younger I tried it at school and I literally couldn’t hit the ball 10 yards. I knew with my frustration level growing that I should not continue on as I would be more stressed than relaxed playing the […]

Superhero movies can be hit or miss depending on the character being portrayed and who is directing or producing the film. Marvel and Disney sit on top of the success levels. They had a formula put together and followed it while bringing in great talent and directors. They have had a few miscues but nothing […]

In what may be the most disturbing story I have ever read about a tragedy happened in Pennsylvania when a semi-truck was hit and tipped over. The driver suffered minor injuries, but the ice cream tragically didn’t make it. Several ice cream containers spilled out on the turnpike after the truck was hit in a […]

I understand how much an Apple Watch costs compared to any watch you buy over the counter. They are very helpful as well in tracking your health, texting, and keeping up on information. So helpful. I have a Fit Bit myself. However, there are moments that if I lost that watch I would consider it […]

Oktoberfest in LaCrosse is one of the best and world renowned celebrations of the event. What do you do there? Well, of course you have some great music to listen to with all the bands playing on the fest grounds. The things that go best with that music are giant pretzels, beer, and the pinnacle […]

Call it a Christmas miracle:  Even though strikes have brought Hollywood to a standstill, Hallmark has 40 all-new, original holiday movies in the pipeline for this year. No, they didn’t break the strike or use scabs.  They didn’t even get exemptions.  They just ramped up production when it became obvious that the strike was coming. […]

Perhaps he was auditioning for Country Bear Jamboree? On Monday, a black bear was spotted in a tree in Disney World’s Frontier Land causing the park to close about a dozen or so attractions. As animal control officials dealt with the bear, the park had longer wait times. Disney did let their guests know they […]

Most of the time, when we experience the most embarrassing thing of our lives, it’s not in front of over 60,000 people. Which was unfortunately the case for one Iowa Football cheerleader. The most impressive part of the whole scene was that he was able to hike his pants back up pretty quickly after sticking […]

This last Saturday KQ98 Cares along with WinnMedd and River Valley Remodelers teamed up to help in the fight against Alzheimer’s! The $500 donation will help with research to help find a cure and put this terrible disease out of commission! Go to for information and how you can donate and walk to help […]

I’m glad I live somewhere that there are dangers to going swimming in the wild, but nothing too dangerous. I’ve never once worried about being eaten alive by anything without warning. The most I’ve thought about is snapping turtles biting my toes or the occasional snake swimming by. In other states there are things that […]

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