Author: Tony Schultz

I’ve sat in each of the seats in sports as a player, a parent, a coach, and as a referee. They all have their challenges and important parts of the game experience. The last few years the parent aspect has been affecting the other areas of the games and has caused a level of negativity […]

To each their own, but I would think this would be a Guinness World Record that would be difficult to achieve. Not only do you have to be patient, but there are everyday task you wouldn’t be able to do. How do you drive? Eat? Change the TV channel? Wave? Use the bathroom???!!! While I […]

Everyone out there has struggles at work and some days they can’t get going at full speed. However, there is a new type of slowing down at work that is more than “a case of the Mondays”. People are realizing that work isn’t – and really shouldn’t be their whole life. So instead of giving […]

Getting to know your local police officers is a wonderful opportunity. No matter the size of the community, it is an chance to connect, ask a few questions, and maybe spend some quality time. I’ve always loved National Night Out in our small town because it gives the community from all walks of life to […]

There appears to be a bit of a shift in the Country Music landscape. There are a few artists that are embracing the 70s and 80s style of edgier and honkey tonk styles of the genre. One of those is Jackson Dean who sounds more like Merle Haggard than Luke Bryan when he sings. He’s […]

I understand that these are all experts out observing sharks for research. With that being said, lying in a plastic box prone that makes you look like a seal on the surface doesn’t seem like the best idea. You literally look like what they say is why people get attacked by sharks. Not for the […]

Whether you’re a fan of superhero movies or not you cannot argue that they extremely popular. While this may wain eventually they currently rule the theaters and streaming services. Disney and their affiliate Marvel are the kings of the superhero movie genre. For the most part, there isn’t any movie they release that doesn’t rule […]

Imagine being accepted to medical school. Now, picture it happening at 13 years old! This young lady is obviously smart, but also extremely driven. She makes me feel downright lazy. Oh well, it’s a little too late to become a doctor now.

“Have you seen that (insert comic book movie here) scene where the construction worker/window cleaner/helicopter pilot is hanging perilously from a (insert tall object here) and (the aforementioned superhero) saves them?” A construction worker in Canada could have used a superhero a few weeks ago when he got caught up in some lines for materials […]

I admit I was a huge action figure fan as a kid. It started with Star Wars and soon I had branched out into GI JOE, and He-Man. I had a large collection and spent hours with myself or friends using our imagination going on adventures and fighting epic battles. The 80s were really a […]

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