Author: Tony Schultz

Some schools need to have IDs since they have such large numbers. Safety is important! At Michigan’s North Farmington High School they encourage their seniors to have a little fun with it. They tell them they can dress as characters in their pictures and these kids do not disappoint. You can tell they know this […]

Minnesota is on it’s own is the best place to live. We all know that. However, a recent article in Money Magazine states that Chanhassen is the absolute best place in the state to – the nation in fact to live based on several metrics. Prince’s Paisley Park is there and they also have the […]

I have to say that I had a pretty positive outlook on this year’s Vikings squad. They added to their defense and had several players returning that were out injured. The offense was pretty intact from their 4th in the league ranking from 2020 with a few additions to the offensive line and wide receiver […]

The Mona Lisa is arguably the most famous painting in the world. It has been debated what or why she was smiling ever so slightly. Who was she? And why did Leonardo da Vinci choose her for this portrait? It is easily recognizable and has been made the but of jokes and in the age […]

After 14 years of playing the game professionally Ryan Braun has decided to hang up his cleats. The Brewers put video post up on Twitter today so Braun could talk directly to the fans. His career wasn’t without controversy, but he was a very popular player when he was with the Brewers.

Yesterday’s game was not a great start for the Minnesota Vikings. Before even one second had come of the clock there was a false start penalty called. That was just the start of a string of penalties and miscues in the first half of the season opener at the Cincinnati Bengals. Most of the mistakes […]

Every year we hear of events where you can watch movies and get paid for it. Whether it’s watching a Star Wars or a Marvel Movie Marathon or perhaps a string of musicals or war movies they want to pay you to watch them. A recent one from is just in time for Halloween […]

What a blessed day it is to have your baby baptized! All the family is there celebrating along with you, and ready to visit afterwards and eat green Jello, cake and ham sandwiches. The baptism itself can sometimes be a bit of an adventure. With my own kids we have stories because my son wasn’t […]

There are many kids shows out there. Some are iconic and have been around for decades like Sesame Street, Mr. Rogers, and Reading Rainbow. When those shows were at their height of popularity they were pretty much all a kid could watch. As more cable company’s grew and kids were home in the mornings the […]

Wow! That’s the most you really can say when you look at the incredible run the Caledonia Warriors had in football. They won 71 straight games including the regular season and the playoffs and 5 Minnesota State Championships since 2015. The last game they lost? Back in 2014 to the BOLD Warriors in the playoffs. […]

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