Author: Tony Schultz

Imagine using a telescope to look out at the billions of stars and planets and something starts looking back at you. No, we didn’t find aliens looking at us, but we did find a planet that looks like a giant eyeball. It’s basically a planet of ice with an ocean in the middle of it. […]

“APPROVED!” as the Target Lady would put it. Yes, starting this coming Monday Target will no longer be accepting checks. According to the brass at the shopping giant they just aren’t seeing as many as they used to. Most people have switched over to debit cards or use cash when shopping. The check writing days […]

Nostalgia is a big thing no matter how old you are. When we see something that reminds of “the good old days” it warms our hearts and makes us long for a time long gone. Movies and certain characters can have that affect when they presented properly. Recently, Ghostbusters and Top Gun brought us back […]

Since most of us were kids we’ve dreamed of the future and the technology that would come with it. Especially Gen X since we were in the middle of a technology growth spurt and cartoons, movies, and TV shows spurred the idea that we would have flying cars and robots helping us do things. We […]

This is not powder puff football or just something to do on a weekend. Minnesota with help from USA Football and the Minnesota Vikings is looking to make girls flag football a high school sport by the time it rolls into the Olympics in 2028. Coach Terry Donovan from LaCrescent-Hokah schools is getting the program […]

Delicious. That is what fair foods are. Sure, they might not always be super healthy, but who cares?! The point is to enjoy them. The Minnesota State Fair is rated as one of the best and most attended in the nation and their foods are a big party of it. Every year when the menu […]

In the “Most Wisconsin News Ever” out of Eau Claire comes a story of a drive by cheesing. A driver called in that they were being chased by another car that eventually caught up to them. When they did they threw cheese at their car. The victim had no idea why it happened and no […]

THIS!!! THIS is what retirement should look like for most people! A couple from Virginia have retired and are using their love of Texas Roadhouse and their delicious buns with magical tasting butter as their reason to travel the country. They still have 270 to go. I have to wonder if they already have been […]

Why don’t we keep this simple and help you with some great songs for your 4th of July celebration! Here’s a list of songs to keep your party going all weekend long!

I’m not really sure you can joke much about people being struck by lightning even if they are a church group. It is ironic that an act of God would hit them. This video was taken in Utah as 50 kids were on a hike. The sky doesn’t look too threatening, but it doesn’t have […]

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