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Author: Tony Schultz

When cleaning out the house after someone passes away you usually find lots of cool things: antiques, old letters, pictures, etc. Usually explosives is NOT one of those things. A Minnesota woman has a different story though. Luckily her home wasn’t permanently downsized. FULL STORY: BRING ME THE NEWS

The Minnesota Twins may have a new mascot! For the last two nights during their series with the Chicago White Sox this furry bolt of lightning has run on the field with the team trailing. Soon after the Twins have rallied and won their games. Last night it even ran right between Max Kepler’s legs […]

Maddy Freking is making a name for herself on a large stage. Maddy is the 19th girl to ever play in the Little League World Series and the first in fave years. She’s helped her Coon Rapids-Andover represent Minnesota in the series since 2010. She’s also inspiring other girls all over the world to reach […]

Nature is amazing! Last week a couple spotted this eagle that they at first thought was injured and crashed into the water. They started recording and realized the eagle was actually fishing and had quite the catch.

The second preseason game is in the books and I don’t think we know much more than we already do about this team. Kirk Cousins only had one errant throw on a perfectly setup screen, but other than that was on target and hitting his favorite target Adam Thielen with accuracy and ease. The Seahawks […]

Pedro Lugo goes full “dad mode” as he questions his daughter and her date before they leave. This is awesome and I applaud his actions and laugh along with him! Feel free to do the same!

Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store in Jordan got some unwanted renovations. A car ran off the road and crashed into the wall and punched a hole through it. The driver didn’t stick around, but they were photographed pretty well on the security cameras. The owner fixed the hole, but then an artist friend recreated the accident […]

30 years ago officer Joe Meyer lost his very first badge on a snowy night helping a car that had gone into the ditch. He searched, but could never find it. 30 years later a couple of boys found and returned it! Read the story below and see the Facebook video the department shared. SEE […]

As most of you know, I’m a pretty big Vikings fan. However, I stay realistic in my view of the team. You have to! With that said I really enjoy watching preseason football. You never know where the next Tom Brady, Terrell Davis, or John Randle might come from. Watching those players that you may […]

A public marriage proposal is going viral thanks to a guy’s role in showering the couple with rose petals as his best friend popped the question. The happy couple in the video has since been identified as Charbel Abillama and his fiancée Kristina Hanna from Ontario, Canada, while the petal-throwing best friend is Wael Mansour. […]