Callista Clark is in a young and up and coming country singer. Being just 18 years old it makes her the youngest singer currently on the chart, but you wouldn’t necessarily know that by simply listening to her. Born and raised in Georgia she says that she’s been able to sing as long as she’s […]

Every once in awhile someone posts something so ridiculous to the internet it can’t help but get some attention. Usually people say a few mean things and it kind of disappears. In the case I’m about to present it has not calmed down at all it has, in fact …. caught fire into a hilarious […]

Neighbors Helping Neighbors in Winona helps folks that have short term needs that can be met with the help of community volunteers. The group developed from Engage Winona after the early days of the Covid pandemic and has evolved in the last year. Neighbors Helping Neighbors has coordinated the creation of thousands of homemade masks […]

This weekend in Nebraska all the people named “Josh Swain” got together to have a battle royale to see who the ultimate Josh Swain is. What started as a bit of a joke on Facebook morphed into an event that people just needed after a long year. A young man that is 5 years old […]

It looks like the “Happy Anywhere” singers are going to be doing that for a long time! Blake put out on social media today that he popped the question to his honey bee and she’s a just a girl, Gwen Stefani said “Yes”.

Eden the dog went on quite an adventure. Her family from the state of Virginia was camping and canoeing in the Boundary Waters in northern Minnesota when Eden ran off. The poor dog was lost for 12 days in the wilderness until she was found by someone not even looking for her. Glad she is […]

Yes! You read that right! Reba got locked in a trunk and got released at Costco. In this case Reba just happens to be a chicken and this story has a happy ending.

OK, I get it! You want to have the most beautiful picture from the biggest day of your life. We live in a society that only feels like they exist if they get a “Like” or a “Thumbs Up”, right? Well by all means keep trying to get that ultimate wave-crashing-behind-us-so-we-look-extra-special-wedding picture. I mean, what’s […]

With the current Covid-19 pandemic still casting a shadow over large gathering the YMCA has decided to make their annual walk a virtual one. Mental health is how we think, feel and act. We all have mental health! The Y cares deeply about the mental health of our veterans and our community. We know that […]

There are so many social media platforms to use and connect us. Whether for fun, likes, commentary, etc. they can be utilized in many ways. They have been enhanced over the years with filters and the moments that people have forgotten to turn those filters off are becoming more prevalent. That’s a good thing because […]

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