Growing up in the 80s really set us up for future disappointments. With the way technology was improving we were all just waiting until the days that we knew someone that lived on the moon and were soon moving to the new colony on Mars. They would get around using their flying cars or jet […]

There really isn’t anything like going to a NFL game. So many epopel gathering to cheer on their favorite team and just have a good time. You’ve got tailgating before the game, beers during the game, and hitting the bars after the game whether they win or lose. Being in the stands can fill you […]

Every so often we are graced with someone running onto the field at a major sporting event. Sometimes they are clothed and sometimes they are not clothed at all. This used to be popular pastime in the 70s and 80s without much more than a slap on the wrist and maybe a stay in the […]

News from our sports station WKTY. People are getting really bored out there. Click the photo to read the whole story.

Jayden Wigginton truly appreciates everything Coach Richard Nelloms did for him as his coach. He thanks him with a letter and it couldn’t be better!

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