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We’ve all heard stories about kids being bullied or left out in schools. Whether it’s physical or simply verbal it seems like it has been on the rise in recent years. In Colorado a young man named Brody had moved to a new school due to being bullied at his last one and was looking […]

When it comes to sports we all have our favorite player or coach. Bud Grant, Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, Bill Belichick are all known and revered in their own way. In some instances reporters and announcers become just as iconic. Howard Cosell, John Madden, and Joe Buck have all had broadcasts of glory and cringe […]

Players that have great talent in basketball rarely stay in college for very long. In some cases they don’t even go to college and head to the NBA straight from high school. The tri-states’s have produced a few NBA players over the years and now La Crosse Central’s own Johnny Davis headed there as well. […]

Fighting is a staple in the game of hockey. It is literally the only sport where they allow two players to just start decking each other until they stop it and don’t kick them out of the game. It’s kind of weird if you think about it. This type of action is not allowed at […]

Growing up in a small rural town most of us that played football had one simple instruction for getting in a good workout during the off-season: go toss hay bales. The act of catching them off the baler and stacking them on a wagon, throwing them from a big caged wagon and stacking them, or […]

You may or may not know that in my spare time I coach sports. I’ve done it for 21 years at the youth level and with 7th and 8th graders. If there is one thing that has hurt sports the most over the years it has been parents. You ask any ref or coach and […]

When you live in the tri-states you know we have to deal with the ever changing weather. One day we are complaining about the heat and then within a few days we complain about it being too cold. We truly get all types of weather here while we avoid the yearly threat of hurricanes. So, […]

This last weekend was full of football! There was college games that changed the balance of the playoffs and rivalry games that went down to the wire. The NFL was in full swing with games on Thanksgiving Day and then again on Sunday, and in some states there was high school football wrapping up their […]

In sports it is always the simple understanding: the team that scores the most points wins. Easy. After that there are certain unwritten rules in sport, especially in high school sports. These are rules of mutual respect given usually when a contest is out of reach by one team and the other team shows a […]

It’s a great time in the fall when tournament time comes around. For small towns a great tournament can really bring a town together rallying behind their favorite teams and athletes. Last year there was barely a season and there wasn’t any tournament games as most were canceled by Covid outbreaks in schools. This year […]

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