Imagine you’re just out enjoying the recent nice weather on a kayak. You go down some new and unfamiliar waterways to have a little adventure and really spread your wings. While taking a break to explore the landscape, or you take a dip in the river and your foot bumps and odd object you find […]

“From the land of sky blue waters!” If you’re of a certain age or your parents raised you right you didn’t just read that line. You were singing it. Hamm’s beer was a pretty iconic beer from 1865 until 1997 when the brewery in St. Paul, MN finally closed. Hamm’s was the 5th largest distributor […]

The shout out to the Texas Rangers from Bauer’s Market and Garden Center! In 1835, as the movement for Texas independence was about to boil over, a council of colonial Texas representatives created a “Corps of Rangers” to protect the frontier from hostiles. For the first time, their pay was officially set at $1.25 a […]

For myself and most of my generation this was the biggest national tragedy we had witnessed. I was in 6th grade and the other 6th grade teacher stuck his head into our classroom and said, “The Challenger just exploded.” Our teacher herded us to his room to watch the replays of the video as the […]

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