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April 20th 1945. With the War in Europe winding down, allied forces took control of Nuremberg and Stuttgart, Germany. I was raised by a WWII veteran. I have come to understand over the Years why They were called ” The Greatest Generation”. God Bless Our remaining WWII Vets.

April 19th 1989, 47 Sailors were killed when a gun turret exploded aboard the USS Iowa in the Caribbean. Our KQ98 salute today would like You to remember all 47, but especially Ricky Ronald Peterson age 22 from Houston, Minnesota. God Bless the Friends and Family of Ricky Peterson

April 16th, 2011, A Taliban agent walked into a base at Forward Operating Base Gamberi and detonated an exploding vest killing 11 People including 6 American Soldiers. Today We salute those 6 Americans serving as part of operation enduring freedom.

April 15th, 2004. It was on this date that the Pentagon announced that approximately 20,000 US military personnel in Iraq would have Their tours of Duty extended, under a program called the Stop-Loss rule. Many of the 20,000 were members of the National guard. Today is also Purple Up day, a day to Honor the […]

Every day at 7am We honor a Person with Military experience as We play the Pledge of Allegiance from DUKE. Today it is a real, authentic, true Hero that You have probably not heard of before. April 14th, 2004, at a hell-hole called AL-Karabilah, Iraq. United States Marine Corps Corporal Jason Lee Dunham earned the […]

April 13th, 1964, Sidney Poitier won the Academy Award for Best Actor for His performance in the film, ” lilies of the field”. Poitier has a very interesting story. His family lived in the Bahamas, and They were visiting Miami, FLA when He was born 2 months per-mature. Making Him a US citizen. He moved […]

Bauer’s Market and Garden Center brings Us the KQ98 Salute with DUKE today at 7AM. April 12th, an Unusual Day. April 12th, 1981, Former HWT. Champion Joe Louis passed away at the Age of 66. April 12th, 1989, former welter weight Champion Sugar Ray Robinson Died at the Age of 67. In 1943, Both men […]

Bauer’s Market and Garden Center brings Us today’s KQ98 Salute with DUKE at 7 AM. April 9th, 1942, 75,000 American and Philippine troops were forced to surrender on the island of Bataan. Thus began the infamous Bataan death march, thousand of captives died or were killed en route. Unbelievably there are still some survivors left, […]

KQ98 Salute for today with Bauer’s Market and Garden Center, DUKE on the Pledge of Allegiance at 7AM. Before He was Hip Hop dance master and as of late Gospel Dude MC Hammer, He was Stanley Kirk Burrell. After High School graduation in Oakland, California he enrolled in Junior College. After about half of a […]

Bauer’s Market and Garden Center brings Us today’s KQ98 Salute. Happy Birthday to Tommy Cash, Country Singer. Tommy had a Top four hit in 1969 with a song called ” Six White Horses”. He also had a few other top twenty Hits through the early 1970’s. He graduated high school in Dyess, Arkansas in 1958 […]

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