I spend a fair amount of time on social media trying to keep up on what folks are talking about and what are the current trends. This is also a great way for me to keep up on my favorite sports teams and see what they are up to. Lately, I kept seeing posts with […]

Every once in awhile someone posts something so ridiculous to the internet it can’t help but get some attention. Usually people say a few mean things and it kind of disappears. In the case I’m about to present it has not calmed down at all it has, in fact …. caught fire into a hilarious […]

People think that a “viral video” is something new. Really it isn’t. How they are distributed is. Back in the 1990s popular videos were most often viewed by watching America’s Funniest Home Videos on a weekend evening. As the show got more popular many people watched the reruns over and over or set their VCR […]

This weekend in Nebraska all the people named “Josh Swain” got together to have a battle royale to see who the ultimate Josh Swain is. What started as a bit of a joke on Facebook morphed into an event that people just needed after a long year. A young man that is 5 years old […]

On Wednesday I happened to be home in time to see Wheel Of Fortune. We never watch “The Wheel” when we’re home. However, my wife’s friend was visiting from Northern Minnesota and she likes to watch it so we indulged her. Needless to say it paid off as I got to witness history. Dave was […]

A few months ago Brad Paisley decided that he wasn’t going to let a pandemic get him down. He felt so strongly about that he wrote a song to bring us all together. “No I In Beer” quickly became a bit of an anthem for the current shelter in place society. Better than that though […]

Emergency response teams from all around the world have been taking part in a new viral challenge called the Tetris Challenge. The challenge features the equipment from police cars, ambulances and fire trucks laid out next to the emergency vehicles in an organizing method called “knolling,” which means to arrange related objects in parallel or […]

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