Written by on January 31, 2023

I will fully admit that I give people making money on the Internet a hard time. Mostly it’s the ones that don’t really have any talent and are just followed by the mindless throng that thinks they are interesting. A good amount of them are not. However, there are several people putting out great content while also interacting with their followers and doing some good. The Internet is a great place to help bring awareness to subjects that other media sources ignore. MrBeast (sometimes known as MrBeast6000) has been an Internet sensation since he was 13 years old in 2012. He has posted stunt videos and other videos along those lines and is the 4th largest YouTube streamer in the world. He decided it was time to take some of the money he has earned and help people out. Many people in the world that are blind can be cured with a simple surgery to remove cataracts. He decided to help out 1000 people by paying for their surgery and also giving them $10,000 to get back on their feet as many can’t work due to their disability. His group also gave more money and helped people in other parts of the world. Check out the video to see all the people he has helped although, your vision might get a little blurry watching this.

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