Mark Buttell, the creator of Ring & Run, Inc., was born with congenital Heart Disease. This led to numerous procedures throughout his life: four open heart surgeries, two heart ablations, and three ICD’s (Internal Cardio Defibrillator). In 2007, the local community held a benefit for him and his family, to help pay for the ongoing […]

We all know Marvel Superhero movies still rule the theaters. Some characters are bigger than others and some more loved. When “Thor” first came out in 2011 with Chris Hemsworth fans were interested to see what the character would be like with a relative unknown actor as the main character. Thor was a hard headed […]

The Olympics are the biggest stage for sports for the entire world because well, the entire world can take part in them. In the ultimate show of speed, strength, strategy, and teamwork for two weeks we are all enthralled by athletes from all over the world. Over the years heroes of all types have emerged […]

If I asked you who Joshua Ryan Owen was you most likely wouldn’t know. I could tell you he has several number one country songs and you still might be confused. That’s because Joshua goes by his stage name “Jake” Owen. Now you know who I’m talking about. Jake and his twin brother, Jarrod were […]

IT’S TIME TO FEEL THE BOOM! Country Boom is back and ready to throw the best party in Wisconsin! Tickets are on sale now at countryboom.com! We can’t wait to see you back to resume The Boom!


As if we needed an excuse to eat anything frozen with heat index values near 100, July is National Ice Cream Month, so why not?! There are plenty of delicious national holidays to bring daily flavor inspiration from National Strawberry Sundae Day (July 7), to National Peach Ice Cream Day (July 17), National Hot Fudge […]

Justin Moore is one the last true “cowboy” singers in country music. He is easily identified by his 10 gallon, white cowboy hat that he proudly wears as he hits the stage or performs in a video. Justin’s career started in 2008 as he went to Nashville to play in his uncle’s band. In February […]

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