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I would love to fly in a fighter jet! Imagine sitting back there and pretending you’re fighting the Russians alongside Maverick and Iceman! Apparently this guy was more interested in doing the last thing Goose did in Top Gun by accidently ejecting himself! That’s a negative Ghost Rider, the pattern was full.

A man in Georgia used his wits, good timing, and his skill with a shopping cart to stop a thief! As the police pursued the perpetrator this man used the cart in a pseudo spike strip technique that proved fruitful.

This couple has a bit of a predicament on their hands. No worries, there’s really nothing there to be scared of. Also, he has a STICK! Watch close or you’ll miss it.

Apparently it’s considered “art” by some, but I will give him credit for making a point about technology. Simon Weckert put 99 smart cell phones in a little red wagon and used them in trick Google Maps into thinking there was a traffic jam on an empty city street. We rely on technology too much […]

You may have seen the recent story of an artist that nailed a banana to a wall and put duct tape over it and called it art. Pretty lazy to me. Apparently he has one major critic that came into the gallery and ate the banana. Hope he had ….. a bunch of insurance!

I’m not sure how this happened, but if it happened to me I think I’d be panicking a bit. Funny thing is this seems to be a common occurrence every year or two somewhere in the world.

Really?! That’s all I’ve got.

A man from Champlin, MN was driving to Iowa to get folks Krispy Kreme doughnuts in the Twin Cities. It was quite the enterprise! However, these things never last. Or do they?

Jeff Adams is obviously a baseball fan, but he’s apparently a bigger fan of his beer. In the World Series stands holding a beer in each hand he let a homerun hit him. I’m sure those beers are about $15 a piece so I can fully understand not wanting to spill any.

I’m a huge Vikings fan, but I’m not sure I would go this far to wait until they won a Super Bowl. If I thought it would help then I would definitely do it. He might be up there until the end of the season.

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