There is always concern that you might find something when digging that you didn’t expect to find. Usually it’s a water service line or maybe electrical or cable wiring. Then there are those of us that have seen movies like “Poltergeist” and are worried that we will unearth a long lost or unmoved graveyard and […]

Have you seen the movie “Up!” from Disney? No? That’s a shame. It is a beautiful movie that runs the gamut of emotions from start to finish. It’s a movie for kids, but adults can watch it alone and feel the swell in their hearts when it tugs at their strings, and laugh out loud […]

What’s the old saying? “It’s the best way to spend 3 month’s salary.” Maybe. However, that rule isn’t really a true representation of today’s economy because if you made $100,000 a year your ring would cost $25,000. That seems a bit much. How about instead of buying a ring you go out and mine for […]

Last night when the rain clouds were passing over Winona County and southern Houston County some people were getting stormed on. Hail, extreme lightning, heavy rains were involved. However, there was a gap in the clouds that spared northern Houston County of any rain, but gave us a spectacular golden glow with a few clouds […]

I’ve always wanted to try metal detecting. I want to go out and find something really cool though not just coins and old bottle caps. We all dream of the possibility of finding “buried treasure” that will make us rich and famous. Or even find a lost wedding ring and return it to it’s owner. […]

Imagine running into the local grocery store to get a few things. You come back out and jump back in the car. You wonder why your car is making a “buzzing” sound. You soon realize that it’s not the car but 15,000 bees that have invaded your car like some sort of insect Uber. Luckily […]

Yes, Virginia there are surfers in Minnesota. They can head up to Lake Superior and catch some mild waves. Might be a little chilly this time of year, but we can handle it. Darby Voeks is one of those surfers and luckily he was in the right place at the right time. He rescued a […]

I’ve seen too many of these videos over the year. What are people actually thinking?! There were several barriers including an electric fence and he though this was a great idea. It’s one thing to put yourself in danger, but a child?! C’mon man! It’s like recently a gal jumped in with a Jaguar for […]

Australia is an interesting place. Interesting in that it has the entire spectrum of amazingly beautiful things to terrifyingly nightmarish things. It truly is a place of wonder and horror. It’s interesting that this guy was trapped by maybe the least surprising of terrifying animals in the wilderness of Australia. Now, it may have been […]

We all know we have to go get those sidewalks and driveways clear after the big snowfall. Whether you use a shovel, a snow blower, an ATV/UTV, a tractor, or a truck there may be no more fun way to do it than with a flamethrower! This gentleman in Kentucky – dressed appropriately as Cousin […]

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