We all see those pictures that give up a “what the what” reaction. It’s not uncommon that most of them happen on our many roadways all over this great nation. A man in Wisconsin obviously needed to get his snowmobile somewhere and decided that putting on the roof of his Toyota Corolla was a good […]

A young man out for a walk came across a momma and her babies a few miles down the trail. Needless to say he had to endure 6 minutes of walking backwards with the mountain lion following him and lunging and hissing at him and showing it’s teeth. Luckily he did everything the right way […]

Guy is just trying to nap by the pool and this bear wakes him up. Must have wanted to ask permission before he just jumped in.

Iron Man, GI JOE, Boba Fett, any space cartoon, movie, or TV show there is usually a jetpack being used. We all thought growing up we would have those by now in every home. Unfortunately the Jetsons and Back To The Future were a tangle of vicious lies. Maybe someone has decided to just make […]

When someone passes away it can be hard to know what to do next. In this case a woman from Florida decided her husband, who had passed away suddenly still needed to travel. So she found the only way she felt was the best option. Click the picture to read the whole story.

When we’re kids there is no greater joy than a minor accomplishment. Whether it’s launching off a jump with your bike, a paper airplane that flies super far, or that object you put in the creek finally floats all the way down the stream we, as kids thought we had just conquered the world. Here’s […]

News from our sports station WKTY. People are getting really bored out there. Click the photo to read the whole story.

Now why would someone want to do that? They’re closed so you can;pt even gamble! ….. Oh wait, he “Appeared to be under the influence of a controlled substance”. Got it.

I would love to fly in a fighter jet! Imagine sitting back there and pretending you’re fighting the Russians alongside Maverick and Iceman! Apparently this guy was more interested in doing the last thing Goose did in Top Gun by accidently ejecting himself! That’s a negative Ghost Rider, the pattern was full.

A man in Georgia used his wits, good timing, and his skill with a shopping cart to stop a thief! As the police pursued the perpetrator this man used the cart in a pseudo spike strip technique that proved fruitful.

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