Minnesota is on it’s own is the best place to live. We all know that. However, a recent article in Money Magazine states that Chanhassen is the absolute best place in the state to – the nation in fact to live based on several metrics. Prince’s Paisley Park is there and they also have the […]

Wow! That’s the most you really can say when you look at the incredible run the Caledonia Warriors had in football. They won 71 straight games including the regular season and the playoffs and 5 Minnesota State Championships since 2015. The last game they lost? Back in 2014 to the BOLD Warriors in the playoffs. […]

Just this last week my wife and I vacationed up in Lutsen, MN on the North Shore. Gorgeous area surrounded by national and state forests! Now we are not the type to go hiking and camping along the way, but we did enjoy some great hiking for a few days. On our first night there […]

SKOL! Yes! Football is back and I could not be happier! Every year I try not to wish that it happens too fast because that means the summer is slipping away and getting outside on the weekends become fewer and fewer. Last year it could not have come soon enough as I just needed something […]

Katie is from Caledonia and wanted to bring some Hollywood to Houston County! Tony had a chance to talk with her and she tells us all about it here. The festival happens July 23rd-25th and you can get more information at sacrednoisesociety.org

When we have pets we do out best to take care of them for their entire life. Unfortunately some people don’t take this as seriously as others or come on hard times and in their judgement they decide to set their pets free. This is never a good idea as some animals just can’t care […]

People battling cancer need support, and the best place to get that is from those around them in their community. Every year the Houston Area Cancer Support group raises funds for local patients and their families with an auction and a biscuits and gravy breakfast with all the funds staying LOCAL. The LaCrosse Regional Airport […]

There’s nothing better than when kids have birthdays coming up! They are excited for all the fun they are going to have with friends, presents, and delicious cake! For some kids the cake is the best thing about the day. My wife is an excellent baker and gets asked to make cakes for all sorts […]

I’ve always wanted to try metal detecting. I want to go out and find something really cool though not just coins and old bottle caps. We all dream of the possibility of finding “buried treasure” that will make us rich and famous. Or even find a lost wedding ring and return it to it’s owner. […]

FREE! FREE! FREE! Everyone wants something for free! The US Coast Guard wants to give you a free lighthouse! That sounds cool! You can live there and be everyone’s nightlight for the entire area. I mean, how many times have you checked out Zillow in the last year and thought about getting away from it […]

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