It’s always cool when someone gets to live out their dreams. We cheer them on and hope that whatever schooling or training they need goes well. Usually, the dream being lived out is getting that job or career they’ve always wanted that is a part of everyday life. What if that dream is a bit […]

Every year college football ends and there are thousands of players that never step on a field to play football again. There are also hundreds that try to take the next step to the NFL. After the NFL season is over the speculation on where and if any of those hundreds of players will be […]

Beer: a staple of celebrations world wide. In LaCrosse and the surrounding areas you can always find beer as the part of festivals. The only time beer makes us sad is when someone wastes it. When a significant amount falls from the glass or pitcher to the floor we all mourn it and get upset […]

Every year the Minnesota Department Of Transportation (MNDOT) has an annual Name That Snowplow contest. They ask for creative names for individual plows in their fleet and their region. For Southeast Minnesota the plow name is “You’re Killin’ Me Squalls” making reference to the movie The Sandlot and the famous line now part of pop […]

As the days have been pretty cold you have probably hunkered down in the house quite a bit. It’s time to get out! I’ve got a few things for you to check out this weekend. Maybe some music stripped down, a pool tournament, or some science mixed with fun for the whole family! Local musicians, […]

This time of year is football heavy when it comes to sports. The NFL is hitting the playoffs and college football just wrapped up their championship game. Next, basketball seems to take over. In the middle are several other sports and activities in college that sometimes go unnoticed. The University of Minnesota’s dance program is […]

Maybe it’s not too common anymore, but there was a time when we all had spare change on our person. We needed it for snack and pop machines when we need something quick or at a ball game or work. You either needed a quarter or a friend did and you were happy to give […]

The weekend is a little longer this week! I hope y’all have a great Thanksgiving and enjoy all the turkey and trimmings that go with it as well as tasty leftovers! This weekend is full of sports too with NFL football being the major sport of choice on Thanksgiving day, but they even have a […]

Have you ever gotten something in the mail by mistake? We’ve all had someone else’s mail show up that has a similar name or their post office box is near ours and it gets put in our box by accident. Nowadays people receive packages that aren’t theirs by accident due to a number of issues. […]

This time of the year things can get hectic and just plain busy. Next weekend you’ll be stuffing your self with turkey and the ensuing leftovers. This weekend make sure you get out and have some fun before you have to think about the conversations you need to avoid around the dinner table of Thanksgiving. […]

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