There’s nothing better than when kids have birthdays coming up! They are excited for all the fun they are going to have with friends, presents, and delicious cake! For some kids the cake is the best thing about the day. My wife is an excellent baker and gets asked to make cakes for all sorts […]

I’ve always wanted to try metal detecting. I want to go out and find something really cool though not just coins and old bottle caps. We all dream of the possibility of finding “buried treasure” that will make us rich and famous. Or even find a lost wedding ring and return it to it’s owner. […]

FREE! FREE! FREE! Everyone wants something for free! The US Coast Guard wants to give you a free lighthouse! That sounds cool! You can live there and be everyone’s nightlight for the entire area. I mean, how many times have you checked out Zillow in the last year and thought about getting away from it […]

We all make sure to check the weather reports on the local news. Gone are the day when it was a basically a cardboard bulletin board with pre-placed shapes and numbers. The technology has been around for decades for the weather reporter to stand in front of a green screen and chose multiple graphics and […]

OK, I’m over 40 and my kids are grown so I do what everyone else my age does and that is peruse Zillow. Sometimes to find weird or cool houses, but mostly to look at local listings we can’t afford and send them to my wife with sayings like, “Look at this piece of crap.” […]

Neighbors Helping Neighbors in Winona helps folks that have short term needs that can be met with the help of community volunteers. The group developed from Engage Winona after the early days of the Covid pandemic and has evolved in the last year. Neighbors Helping Neighbors has coordinated the creation of thousands of homemade masks […]

Kids sometimes do the best things ever. They understand sometimes that they have to go the extra mile for those around them. In Detroit Lakes, Minnesota some students made sure their friend with Cerebral Palsy got to be part of their game of football.

Police in Minnesota said they are trying to find the owner of a large goat that spent several days wandering around a city. The Anoka County Sheriff’s Office said the goat was seen wandering around Andover for a “few days,” including multiple sightings in residential areas. “Hobbies appear to be spring walks, gardening & grilling,” […]

Yes, Virginia there are surfers in Minnesota. They can head up to Lake Superior and catch some mild waves. Might be a little chilly this time of year, but we can handle it. Darby Voeks is one of those surfers and luckily he was in the right place at the right time. He rescued a […]

When the pandemic hit last year we all knew local businesses would be affected. Especially the food and drink establishments. Luckily in my hometown the businesses were able to make quick adjustments and the community stepped up to help keep them going. Most small towns and cities I saw stories of support. I went to […]

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