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The Vikings started the game about as surprisingly as anyone could have guessed. The Tom Brady led Tampa Bay Buccaneers touted the best run defense in the league. It didn’t show in the first half as Dalvin Cook ran for almost their yearly average as the Vikings drove down the field ending with Cook in […]

As I always say: beware a team with nothing to lose. The Vikings are not a playoff worthy team. Could they get in to the playoffs? Sure. Will they last long if they do? No. Today was another example of a team that just doesn’t have the talent to beat the great teams and can […]

Last night I saw this story come out and thought, “WOW! Glad no one was hurt and the plane looks intact.” That was the aftermath. Usually you don’t get the video of the actual landing. This is time is different as the traffic cameras caught the whole thing! If you’ve ever driven 35W south of […]

Brody Larson is the manager for the the football team in the small town school or Le Roy-Ostrander. Brody is small for his size due to fact that he lives with Hurler Syndrome. Last Friday night, in a victory over the Houston Hurricanes he got to do something he has never gotten to do with […]

It wasn’t perfect. It wasn’t utter domination. It wasn’t a season changer. However, it was a win. The main thing to get from today’s game against the Texans is that at least the team won’t have the infamous 0-16 record. Some might see this as an empty win to keep the Vikings away from assuring […]

Eden the dog went on quite an adventure. Her family from the state of Virginia was camping and canoeing in the Boundary Waters in northern Minnesota when Eden ran off. The poor dog was lost for 12 days in the wilderness until she was found by someone not even looking for her. Glad she is […]

We saw it flash in the first game against the Packer: the Vikings can make deadly strikes and score quickly when they are in sync. Today the Vikings came out and did what they have struggled to do in the first 2 games which is keep drives alive and score touchdowns. Justin Jefferson, the rookie […]

I hesitated to write about the Vikings this year. What is there to say when there is no traditional training camp, preseason, or natural buildup to the season? In a season in the “Pandemic World” where everything is turned on it’s ear all you can really do is speculate. Now that there are a few […]

Well, …… more in spirit than in person. The Vikings are allowing you to send them a picture and for $150 you could be in the stands and maybe show up on TV. If you want to get one for you, or a fan you know click Tony’s fan picture below to order today! SKOL! […]

In a “It sure is dusty in here” moment Will, from Mankato, MN asks his brother to be his best man.

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