Taking a trip can be so exciting! Sure, getting packed and ready to go and unpacking when you get home stinks, but the trip and the memories make up for the hassle. And the airport! That can be an adventure all it’s own. Getting there extra early, the screening process, checking in and then waiting […]

It’s not the first time we’ve heard a story like this. A small private plane has to make an emergency landing so they find a highway and try to put it down as safely as possible. If a camera happens to catch it there is usually light to no traffic and it’s a dash or […]

How many action movies have we seen since the the 1980s that have a dramatic rescue scene? At some point the hero narrowly escapes the death as they jump from a car that’s about to explode or they pull someone from the burning wreckage just as it falls from a cliff. Then there is always […]

We’ve seen these kinds of stories before: a plane loses power and the pilot has one chance to land safely and it’s usually on a roadway. Now around here you probably find a back country road, paved or not that you could touch down on and there wouldn’t be a car in sight. However, a […]

Twenty years ago on September 11th our entire world changed. Not just how we travel or even get on a plane anymore, but how we live and view the world as a whole. The memories stick with most of us that witnessed that day. It’s hard to imagine explaining to the next generation or to […]

It was an announcement we all knew would happen one day. This year finally saw The Voice’s Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani get engaged. They have become one of America’s favorite couples due to their over abundance of straight up likability. Blake is an “aw shucks” cowboy with an awesome sense of humor and Gwen […]

Last night I saw this story come out and thought, “WOW! Glad no one was hurt and the plane looks intact.” That was the aftermath. Usually you don’t get the video of the actual landing. This is time is different as the traffic cameras caught the whole thing! If you’ve ever driven 35W south of […]

I’m not sure how this happened, but if it happened to me I think I’d be panicking a bit. Funny thing is this seems to be a common occurrence every year or two somewhere in the world.

Federal officials found a missile launcher checked in a man’s luggage at the Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport on Monday morning.The TSA said in a statement that their officers immediately contacted airport police, who tracked down the traveler and detained him for questioning. The man, a resident of Jacksonville, Texas, told officials that he was […]

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