Former Flight Attendant Plans To Honor 9/11 Victims

Written by on July 30, 2021

Twenty years ago on September 11th our entire world changed. Not just how we travel or even get on a plane anymore, but how we live and view the world as a whole. The memories stick with most of us that witnessed that day. It’s hard to imagine explaining to the next generation or to students in classrooms how that felt now because they weren’t alive yet to experience it. I hope they never have to have a memory like this. All these years later there are still victims struggling, but some are finding a way to remember and honor those we lost that day. Specifically Paul Veneto, a former flight attendant that is honoring his friends that he lost that day with a walk from Boston to New York all while pushing a drink cart that you would see on a plane. I thought it was a unique and frankly sobering way to honor them. Let’s hope Paul has a safe trip while honoring his friends. You can see more by clicking on the picture.

Photo courtesy AP

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