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A man in Georgia used his wits, good timing, and his skill with a shopping cart to stop a thief! As the police pursued the perpetrator this man used the cart in a pseudo spike strip technique that proved fruitful.

From what I’ve seen you definitely don’t want to break into Willie’s home! Amazing story of an amazing woman!

A woman, identified as Myah Autry decided to jump into the lion enclosure at The Bronx Zoo. A moat separated her from the animal, but the zoo still wasn’t happy with her actions. Why ANYONE would do this absolutely boggles my mind. One slip and she gets a lot closer to that lion than she […]

Apparently some REAL cows heard how good Spotted Cow is. A few nights ago the police cornered some cows on the loose in the New Glarus parking lot. Their security camera’s caught the whole thing. The Wisconsin brewery posted them on their Facebook page.

A man in Mission Viejo, California was seen trying to fix his two driver side tires on the side of the road. Nothing weird about that. Some concerned citizens called in to police on his behalf to get him some help. When police arrived they helped him alright … right into the squad car. Apparently […]

A litterbug in Indiana was recently given a ticket after the dirty diaper they tossed out of a vehicle’s window landed on a state trooper’s car. According to the Indy Star, Indiana State Police trooper Sgt. Stephen Wheeles was traveling on I-65 in Johnson County when he noticed a passenger throw the dirty diaper out […]

A Florida man was arrested when he drove a golf cart inside a Walmart. Several patrons had to quickly get out of his way to avoid getting hit. Charges are pending as authorities figure out how many he may face.

There’s dumb and then there’s “what the hell were you thinking” ironic kind of dumb. A woman in Eagan, Minnesota was stopped and cited for texting while driving. What was she texting about? THE NEW HANDS FREE LAW IN MINNESOTA! Then she put the phone to her ear …. right in front of a police […]

Federal officials found a missile launcher checked in a man’s luggage at the Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport on Monday morning.The TSA said in a statement that their officers immediately contacted airport police, who tracked down the traveler and detained him for questioning. The man, a resident of Jacksonville, Texas, told officials that he was […]

A Minnesota toddler is in hot water with his parents after he decided to drive his battery powered John Deere tractor to the county fair without asking permission. Police say the boy made the block-and-a-half trip from his house by driving his tractor down the sidewalk and entering the fairgrounds through a back gate. Guess […]