We live in an area where outdoors living is a way of life. Hunting, fishing, riding trails are all part of people’s lives in one way or another. I have friends where their pastime of food gathering is like a second job to them, but without the stress. We’ve had bass tournaments in this area […]

Not all heroes wear capes, and they aren’t always in the movies or comic books. There are real life people helping others every day. There are those that dress up as a hero to entertain crowds, but they don’t get to act out in real life what they are portraying. Timothy White got to put […]

You may have seen the video of a Chick-Fil-A employee tackling a would be carjacker the other day. A dangerous and career felon was tackled by Thomas Gordon. Gordon had already chased this guy off once, but had to get physical when the criminal tried to carjack a mother who had her child with her. […]

We all grow up eventually. Our tastes change an become (hopefully) more sophisticated. There are junk foods we regret ever eating in our youth and the cheap brands of alcohol we had to buy due to our paycheck give us memories we would rather forget. I can think of a bunch of places that I […]

This story could be more of a downer, but it has a lot of positive turns. You can’t blame the police because they are just doing what they need to do by the ordinance. The officer even gave her $20! Rules are rules and it looks like the community has pulled to help her out.

It’s not the first time we’ve heard a story like this. A small private plane has to make an emergency landing so they find a highway and try to put it down as safely as possible. If a camera happens to catch it there is usually light to no traffic and it’s a dash or […]

Getting to know your local police officers is a wonderful opportunity. No matter the size of the community, it is an chance to connect, ask a few questions, and maybe spend some quality time. I’ve always loved National Night Out in our small town because it gives the community from all walks of life to […]

Speeding has always been an issue no matter where you go. Just the other day I had someone pass me going way over the speed limit in a less than safe manner. I expected to come around a corner and find them crashed into another vehicle. We all have those moments where we go a […]

When the dispatchers at a 911 center answer the phone it isn’t always about an emergency. Sometimes they get misdirected calls or simply calls to bring awareness to something that may become an emergency or concern. Other times people dial them with frivolous complaints about a faulty food order or their unhappiness with the weather. […]

I’ve seen video of and heard of different ways people have tried to avoid being arrested. From just making a run for it on foot or in a vehicle to hiding in unconventional places or even in disguise. Then there is the “friend” that tries to yell at the cops or interfere with an arrest […]

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