Written by on June 5, 2024

I’m not even sure where to start with this. Watching it just makes me angry and sad for a kid that is the middle of one of their greatest memories and it’s ruined by her own parent. Apparently, there have been some disagreements with parents at the Baraboo, Wisconsin schools and some administrators and school board members. Disagreements happen and no one can say that anyone doesn’t have the right to disagree. The line is absolutely crossed when you make that disagreement personal or make physical contact with them in a threatening manner. Whatever their differences, a man decided to rush the stage to keep the Superintendent from shaking hands with the man’s daughter. He grabs and pushes the Superintendent back and you can hear their conversation and it is not friendly. Meanwhile, the man’s daughter is standing on the stage absolutely mortified and doesn’t know what to do. Her moment of joy wiped from her face as other adults scramble to keep the incident from blowing up further. The man is removed and the ceremony slowly gets back to order. I feel so bad for this young lady. Huge amount of respect goes to the adults that immediately took care of this young woman and comforted her. He took something from her she can never get back because he couldn’t control his own emotions. He should have been thinking more about her and pride for her accomplishments than himself. The video below is the entire ceremony and the incident happens at about the 1 hour 9 minute mark.

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