We all know there are certain ways we should act in certain places. At times, we may forget that there are some socially unacceptable things to do. A professional in the service industry gave some tips that all of us should be following. 1.  Don’t rearrange the tables on your own.  One of them could […]

People online are talking about “uncommon things that should become normalized.” Now most of these are pretty normal and not to hard to comprehend. I know some will push back on a few like, dressing up which I think is really too bad. If you’re going to a fast food restaurant no one really cares. However, […]

We all knwo those people that we’ve worked with that abuse sick days. They always seem to be sick on a Friday or Monday and then talk about what great fun they had over the weekend. Some are so bold as to pull the stunt around the holidays and act like no one will notice. […]

Have you ever gone to a fancy restaurant and, even though you know it’s going to be expensive be a bit surprised at the cost of a meal? Maybe you wished that adult meals were like kids’ meals where they get a to. Imagine having that fancy meal and it ends up paying you back. […]

OK, there are several foods and drinks being made out there that claim to be the end all be all of curing a hangover. Usually they are a Bloody Mary mixture with a stiff chaser and hot sauce put in to get your metabolism running. However, there are restaurants – usually located not too far […]

I know that the real “Karens” of the world are sick of their name being dragged through the Internet muck. The good people with this name really don’t deserve half the grief they get for the few yet embarrassingly mean people in the world that have been branded with their name. Sometimes in these situations […]

I’m a huge Vikings fan, but I’m not sure I would go this far to wait until they won a Super Bowl. If I thought it would help then I would definitely do it. He might be up there until the end of the season.

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