There are two types of superhero movie fans: those that read all the comic books they spawn from and those that only love the movies. The comic book fans have a much deeper understanding of the characters and their backstory while those that only watch the movies only know the stories that are presented on […]

For superheroes things are not always perfect. Sure, we usually see them win in the end, defeat the bad guy, save the day, and get the girl. It can be hard to separate the good from the bad with them since at the end of the day they have super powers. This last week one […]

The Marvel train just keeps on rolling and putting out hits. There have been only a few dips in the upwards climb of the timeline that represents their releases. Even when you think they have gone a step too far in their storytelling with characters too far outside the normal they make another hit out […]

OK, it has been out for a couple weeks, so you have fair warning if I spoil anything for you. You’ve been warned twice. Over the years there have been characters that have had movies on top of movies made about them. James Bond is by far the top of the heap since they have […]

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