star wars

I know there are a lot of people that cringe or turn their nose up at the mention of any sort of science fiction shows. Star Trek and Star Wars are at the forefront of being the most pop culture referenced shows and movies by the general public. Everyone knows a saying from them in […]

Star Wars stirs up instant memories and images of Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker batting in spaceships or with lightsabers. Maybe you see strange aliens in your mind or strange people in real life dressing up like the movie characters. That’s all OK because it just shows how powerful it is not just as a […]

Right now, the “House of Mouse” is at the top of entertainment. From the theater to the smallest of screens they are the leader. While not every show or attraction is a hit it’s hard to take them off the mountain top. Recently at D23, which is basically a fan convention they released trailers to […]

I admit I was a huge action figure fan as a kid. It started with Star Wars and soon I had branched out into GI JOE, and He-Man. I had a large collection and spent hours with myself or friends using our imagination going on adventures and fighting epic battles. The 80s were really a […]

I knew this would be a huge moment in streaming services, but … WOW! Disney had some service issues early on Monday morning, but as the day wore on things settled down for them. They figured they would have 8 million subscribers by the end of the year not within the first week. With every […]

Impressive. Most Impressive. This dad used The Force and built his kids the ultimate Halloween ride. Han Solo and Chewbacca never looked better. I heard they went through the neighborhood in under 12 parsecs.

Not all marketing strategies work out well for collectors. In this case Disney opened their new Star Wars themed park called Galaxy’s Edge. They offer bottles of Coke products in collectable shapes of the Star Wars universe’s version of a grenade: a thermal detonator. Unfortunately the bottles look too much like the real thing and […]

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