You may have seen the video of a Chick-Fil-A employee tackling a would be carjacker the other day. A dangerous and career felon was tackled by Thomas Gordon. Gordon had already chased this guy off once, but had to get physical when the criminal tried to carjack a mother who had her child with her. […]

In case you didn’t know, there is professional football being played right now and you can see it on network TV. The USFL made a comeback this year with some fanfare and with names only those deep in football knowledge would recognize. I can admit I’ve only caught a few minutes of game play while […]

Fights in baseball are not uncommon. We here about benches clearing brawls from time to time in the major leagues, but not very often at all in college. Even when there is one at the college level they are quickly broken up without even a punch being thrown. This video that popped up recently shows […]

FOOTBALL! Always an exciting time in our neck of the woods. The rivalries are deep and at times without mercy. There will be trash talk. There will be hurt feelings. In the end though, there will be food and beers and everyone gets along again. The NFL this weekend had a slew of great playoff […]

There really isn’t anything like going to a NFL game. So many epopel gathering to cheer on their favorite team and just have a good time. You’ve got tailgating before the game, beers during the game, and hitting the bars after the game whether they win or lose. Being in the stands can fill you […]

Every so often we are graced with someone running onto the field at a major sporting event. Sometimes they are clothed and sometimes they are not clothed at all. This used to be popular pastime in the 70s and 80s without much more than a slap on the wrist and maybe a stay in the […]

Living in the midwest we are used to animals being all around us. Sometimes they are in a foggy meadow chewing on clover with a gentle sunset in a moment of picturesque glory. Sometimes they are running in front of our vehicles, and sometimes they are medium rare on our plates. There are rare occasions […]

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