Written by on April 22, 2022

Fights in baseball are not uncommon. We here about benches clearing brawls from time to time in the major leagues, but not very often at all in college. Even when there is one at the college level they are quickly broken up without even a punch being thrown. This video that popped up recently shows a player getting a big home run and everything seems normal. As the player rounds 3rd base though things quickly change as the pitcher gets upset about something and he goes from being Clayton Kershaw to doing a solid impression of Harrison Smith taking down a wide receiver. It’s a big hit! When I watched the video again I noticed that the second base umpire is pointing at the runner and you can tell he’s telling him something in a forceful tone that I can only guess was in the vain of keeping his mouth shut. It’s then that the pitcher attacks him. Whether the young man has a future as a pitcher isn’t clear, but his stock in the upcoming NFL draft just moved up tot 5th round pick.

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