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Last year was a blow to anyone that had plans to marry. Either they couldn’t have them at all or they were diminished in size due to health concerns. Who else suffered due to the pandemic’s affect on not gathering? Wedding singers. Sure your first image is of Adam Sandler singing to Drew Barrymore with […]

The ocean is a dangerous place to go. There are small things and big things that will kill you for no reason or to use you as food. There are also big things that are just curious about why you’re there or that you just get in the way of. This story is the latter […]

The future is here and it is bringing you pizza! A pizza place in Rhode Island has been added to the busy pizza restaurant so the servers can spend more face-to-face time with the customers. It’s pretty cool. I’m going to work on a way for a robot vacuum to bring me pizza in my […]

It’s easy to be cynical in today’s day and age. This is not one of those times. Jane, who recently performed on AGT put on a singing performance that is absolutely incredible. Jane goes by Nightbirde (night-bird) when she performs and she doesn’t let the fact she has cancer hold her back or be a […]

Kids say the darnedest things and they do the darnedest things as well. This little girl at Disney World wasn’t having anything to do with Snow White who was doing her best to get a smile. Of course this has gone viral even getting a segment on the Today Show.

The Kennedy Center Honors always celebrates the best their is every year. Garth Brooks has definitely had a major impact on Country Music, but also on music as a whole. When Garth hit in the early 1990s he sparked a following that spanned every age group and demographic. I still blame him (jokingly) for all […]

From tragedy comes a little bit of hope. An off duty fireman in Hales Corner, WI was alerted by his dog to a fire in an apartment building and made sure everyone got out. He got an assist from a woman who lived in the building that pulled the fire alarm and all 8 families […]

The Earth will always be undefeated in the end. Can you imagine hearing a sound like thunder and going outside to see most of your land missing? What do you do other than run away? You can’t stop it. Who do you even call, a geologist? Luckily this sinkhole formed far enough away from the […]

This family is definitely getting a great turn on their investment on swimming lessons. When a 7 year old boy and his sister got swept away their dad did his best to save them, but his son ended up swimming for an hour to get help to save his dad and sister.

OK, let’s all be honest here: if you saw a bear in your backyard and it was taking stabs at your dog you would be distressed. Would you be so upset that you would charge the bear and shove it off a wall? Most likely not. I mean, it’s a freaking bear! In this case […]

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