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Recently I started to see trailers and ads popping up about a movie called “Val”. I knew immediately that it was about the actor, Val Kilmer who had a great career from the mid-80s to the early 2000s. When I was a kid there were two movies I could watch over and over, one was […]

As most people know Mtn. Dew has traditionally been associated with alcohol. I mean, it’s basically slang for moonshine. It was invented as a mixer for whiskey, but evolved into the country-fied, fun loving drink of summer. Normally associated with extreme sports in the 90s, their ads have always been fun and full of exciting […]

Every so often we are graced with someone running onto the field at a major sporting event. Sometimes they are clothed and sometimes they are not clothed at all. This used to be popular pastime in the 70s and 80s without much more than a slap on the wrist and maybe a stay in the […]

When I attend the “Great Minnesota Get Together” I don’t tend to drink too much alcohol. We’ve generally gone as a family and I don’t want to stumble all over the grounds and drip Big Fat Bacon syrup all down the front of me due to not being able to find my mouth. When I […]

The Prep Preview! Every August local fans of their high school football teams wait to see what the report is on their team and the surrounding opponents. Holmen, La Crosse, GET, Bangor, Houston, Rushford-Peterson, Caledonia, Winona all have moms and dads waiting to see their kid in the practice video or as an interview on […]

We’ve seen these kinds of stories before: a plane loses power and the pilot has one chance to land safely and it’s usually on a roadway. Now around here you probably find a back country road, paved or not that you could touch down on and there wouldn’t be a car in sight. However, a […]

We are feeling the effects of the pandemic in different ways. Not at our job and working remotely or feeling stuck at home still because we can’t travel to exotic locales. It’s a worldwide effect that causes different emotions. Even the animal kingdom is feeling the effects. Recently, some monkeys in Thailand got into a […]

Twenty years ago on September 11th our entire world changed. Not just how we travel or even get on a plane anymore, but how we live and view the world as a whole. The memories stick with most of us that witnessed that day. It’s hard to imagine explaining to the next generation or to […]

Christmas 2019 was not an easy one. My sister-in-law Lori had been battling cancer for a few years and it was finally catching up with her. Lisa left for Seattle the day after Christmas to help her sister get through her latest brain surgery and recovery. Christmas was a blur, and the surgery wasn’t a […]

There are real Olympians out there doing great things to represent their country. It is always an inspiring moment to see our homegrown athletes giving their all for the honor of standing on top of that Olympic pedestal! Whether you “believe in miracles” or see an injured gymnast vault on an injured foot to win […]

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