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We all have a dream. Maybe it’s to be the best doctor in the world. Maybe it’s to travel to exotic lands. Maybe it’s to be a DJ right here in the tri-states. No matter what your dream you should never give up. Reza Beluchi will never give up on his dream of running on […]

Every once in a while you see something you can’t believe. In the safest of venues it’s a magic trick or a circus act. Maybe a singer does something crazy at a concert or an athlete pulls off a miracle, or a physics defying catch. We see these and are amazed, and question, “How did […]

Firefighters in Ohio had to get creative when rescuing a dog this week. The dog had been missing until someone heard it barking for help. I’m currently dealing with a new puppy and the worst he has done is slip between the mattress and the foot board on our bed. Only a minor amount of […]

Katie is from Caledonia and wanted to bring some Hollywood to Houston County! Tony had a chance to talk with her and she tells us all about it here. The festival happens July 23rd-25th and you can get more information at

When we have pets we do out best to take care of them for their entire life. Unfortunately some people don’t take this as seriously as others or come on hard times and in their judgement they decide to set their pets free. This is never a good idea as some animals just can’t care […]

There is always concern that you might find something when digging that you didn’t expect to find. Usually it’s a water service line or maybe electrical or cable wiring. Then there are those of us that have seen movies like “Poltergeist” and are worried that we will unearth a long lost or unmoved graveyard and […]

If you’re not aware I’m a bit of a “cinephile”. There’s nothing I like more than getting lost in a movie and escaping from the real world for a few hours. It’s relaxing. One of the best things about movies is just accepting the fact that you’re watching fiction and whether or not something would […]

Dispatch centers are full of strange calls for real emergencies, but they also have calls that fall into the category of “why are you even calling us”. Some are mistakes and some are misinformed persons that think the police will help them sort out their issues at the drive thru or just give them a […]

We all know when there are certain events that people can become someone else. Someone different than what they normally are the other 365 days a year. It’s not because they try to be this way, but something changes them completely or, at the very least makes them a little “extra”. The Dude Dad shows […]

Living in the midwest we are used to animals being all around us. Sometimes they are in a foggy meadow chewing on clover with a gentle sunset in a moment of picturesque glory. Sometimes they are running in front of our vehicles, and sometimes they are medium rare on our plates. There are rare occasions […]

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