Whenever you go out for recreation you should always know the boarders to the property that you are on. Whether it’s hunting, snowmobiling, ATV or horse riding, or sledding you shouldn’t go where you’re not welcome. You may be damaging an ecosystem or just wrecking someone’s property without knowing it. Also, you don’t have a […]

Yesterday there was a major outage in the cell phone world. AT&T had an outage that some thought might be a cyber attack. According to the cell provider it was merely a software update that went wrong. People on other cell service thought they were affected as well, but that was because they were trying […]

I’m going to warn you straight up that this video is VERY tough to watch. Even the reporter doing the interview is struggling. A motorcyclist in Florida decides that it’s a great idea to go 100 MPH on a highway. He passes a cop car and it is caught on the dash cam. Before he […]

Every year college football ends and there are thousands of players that never step on a field to play football again. There are also hundreds that try to take the next step to the NFL. After the NFL season is over the speculation on where and if any of those hundreds of players will be […]

Beer: a staple of celebrations world wide. In LaCrosse and the surrounding areas you can always find beer as the part of festivals. The only time beer makes us sad is when someone wastes it. When a significant amount falls from the glass or pitcher to the floor we all mourn it and get upset […]

Unless you’ve been living under a very large rock you have probably heard the name “Caitlin Clark” the last couple of years. She is the BEST women’s basketball player in the country and she is playing ball for the University of Iowa Hawkeyes. This season has seen her team – who are very good and […]

Too often we hear about this type of thing in our country. Shootings can happen anywhere and in most cases there are several innocent victims. Yesterday the Chiefs were having their Super Bowl Championship celebratory parade. A few people in the crowd obviously had a disagreement and shots rang out. Two people were arrested and […]

The only thing that gets more critique then the game itself is the singing of the National Anthem at the Super Bowl. Depending on the singer and the style they came from starts things off with people deciding before a note is whispered whether it will be good or not. It was refreshing to see […]

The NFL season came to an end yesterday with the Chiefs taking home the championship in dramatic overtime fashion. The majority of us were watching the game, but talk always switches over to the commercials which have become as big as the game itself. Whether they’re funny, powerful, or touch your heart they have to […]

There have been pairings of artists over the last few years that have inspired us and entertained us. In Hollywood we have always wished for team ups of superheroes in our favorite movies. Last night at the Grammy’s there was probably the biggest and most anticipated pairing of the last decade. Ever since Luke Combs […]

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