I will fully admit that I give people making money on the Internet a hard time. Mostly it’s the ones that don’t really have any talent and are just followed by the mindless throng that thinks they are interesting. A good amount of them are not. However, there are several people putting out great content […]

Who knew delivering packages could be so dangerous beyond the occasional dog bite? Charles delivers for Amazon and last week he had a terrifying moment when he walked across a customer’s lawn and the ground gave way. If that wasn’t bad enough the hole he fell into was for the septic tank. Yucky. Charles tried […]

Tik Tok is full of videos with people giving helpful tips or “life hacks”. Most of them are stupid or common-sense videos that show that person knows less about what they’re doing then you do. Occasionally, we get an actual professional giving hacks about their job. This is one such instance. Kat Kalimana is a […]

Every time you see a show with a ship in it the seas are usually calm and the passengers are having a lovely time drifting along. When you see a show with rough seas they usually have a shot of the bow breaking under and over the waves with the crew seeming to move with […]

Do you remember where you were in 2009? I don’t remember much about it other than I was in the same house I live in now, both my kids were in school, and I was a year away from being on the radio. Crazy. The phones weren’t so “smart” back then and the only way […]

When we are in elementary school we are taught at a young age to stay away from strangers. Not that everyone is bad, but people trying to lure you away with gifts or candy or saying that they’re lost is a bad sign and you need to run away. We never think it will happen […]

The perfect proposal: a man and a woman on the bow of a boat, bobbing in the ocean, a beautiful sunset, and the perfect way to propose just a second away. It sounds perfect, doesn’t it? It looks that way too until near tragedy strikes. Just as the young man thinks she is unaware of […]

Paul Allen has been calling the play-by-play for the Minnesota Vikings for 20 years. He is the consummate sports fan and is a leading voice in the NFL. Over the years he has called some of the most infamous (Arizona Cardinals in 2003) and historic (Minneapolis Miracle 2017) Vikings calls in the team’s history. Even […]

Whenever I see something like this I remember the scene in “Groundhog Day” where Bill Murray catched the kid falling out of the tree. He implores him to say, “Thank you” several times and bemoans the fact the kid never thanks him. I’m going to guess that wasn’t the case here. A man that happened […]

We have seen similar videos over the past few years: a person tries to get close to wildlife only to be attacked and having more than their pride hurt in the process. Thanks to the Internet we get to watch it over and over and break down how stupid they were. This video is a […]

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