So many people tell me how relaxing golf is and that it’s really fun. When I was younger I tried it at school and I literally couldn’t hit the ball 10 yards. I knew with my frustration level growing that I should not continue on as I would be more stressed than relaxed playing the […]

Call it a Christmas miracle:  Even though strikes have brought Hollywood to a standstill, Hallmark has 40 all-new, original holiday movies in the pipeline for this year. No, they didn’t break the strike or use scabs.  They didn’t even get exemptions.  They just ramped up production when it became obvious that the strike was coming. […]

I’m glad I live somewhere that there are dangers to going swimming in the wild, but nothing too dangerous. I’ve never once worried about being eaten alive by anything without warning. The most I’ve thought about is snapping turtles biting my toes or the occasional snake swimming by. In other states there are things that […]

I love when people have a sense of humor. I marvel at those that are so whip smart that they come up with a joke or a funny story right on the spot. Comedians put themselves on stage to show off their skills with varying degrees of success. Most comedians will tell you that you […]

Every year we have a plethora of Country Music festivals to attend in the tri-states. Country Boom is right in our backyard while others are in relatively decent driving range for an overnight stay or two before heading back home. We love them! Have you ev4er talked about your absolute dream concert destination? Would it […]

Let me preface this post by saying that if the ambulance driver was just parked on break that maybe a different spot may have been a better idea. HOWEVER, emergency vehicles sometimes have to park in places that may seem inconvenient due to their size or for safety reasons. They don’t just park where they […]

I do my best to not assume people are a certain way just because of where they come from. While stereotypes are born of some levels of truth that doesn’t mean that everyone from a certain demographic fits that stereotype. This video doesn’t do anything to help with that theory. These are kids from Beverly […]

Yes, it’s true. There are moment s when Cotton Eyed Joe by Rednex should not be played. I know this is hard to understand that a sports arena or stadium staple has a time that it should be kept silent. Who made up such a ridiculous rule? Tennis. OK, during a tennis match there is […]

You know what’s horrible? People. People do bad things that don’t give a second thought as to how it affects someone else. Sometimes it’s parking in a spot you shouldn’t be in or not waiting your turn making other people late or miss an opportunity. These are rude actions that aren’t extremely devastating but can […]

Alzheimer’s, let’s talk about it a bit. If you’ve never experienced it then consider yourself uneducated. That’s the sad part about this disease not a lot of people know much about it and what’s worse some don’t want to. When someone we know moves slower, can’t remember things very well, or gets easily confused out […]

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