I understand that these are all experts out observing sharks for research. With that being said, lying in a plastic box prone that makes you look like a seal on the surface doesn’t seem like the best idea. You literally look like what they say is why people get attacked by sharks. Not for the […]

“Have you seen that (insert comic book movie here) scene where the construction worker/window cleaner/helicopter pilot is hanging perilously from a (insert tall object here) and (the aforementioned superhero) saves them?” A construction worker in Canada could have used a superhero a few weeks ago when he got caught up in some lines for materials […]

Whether you are a fan of Elvis Presley or not you know who “The King Of Rock n Roll” is. He was not just a singer, but a moment in pop music that spawned new styles, artists, and the first singer that was adored by various audiences. He was almost mythical in his performances and […]

My one concern when going out hiking when we went up north was running into wildlife that didn’t want us in their woods. Now, I wasn’t nervous or terrified to go out there, but it was something we all should be aware of when heading out into nature. Bears are always the subject of people […]

In case you didn’t know, there is professional football being played right now and you can see it on network TV. The USFL made a comeback this year with some fanfare and with names only those deep in football knowledge would recognize. I can admit I’ve only caught a few minutes of game play while […]

We’ve all heard stories about kids being bullied or left out in schools. Whether it’s physical or simply verbal it seems like it has been on the rise in recent years. In Colorado a young man named Brody had moved to a new school due to being bullied at his last one and was looking […]

I love history and old buildings. Always having a glimpse of where we came from is fascinating and looking at old architecture is usually more beautiful than modern work. The fact that a lot of old buildings are still standing strong is a testament to how we used to build. Just look at downtown La […]

I can understand if you’re not the biggest fan of Adam Sandler. His comedy styling and early movies are not Oscar winners or even considered although he has made some dramas that have been critically acclaimed. No matter what you think he has had a great career and he still has some of the most […]

Chris Jericho had a very successful career in the WWE as one of their premiere wrestlers. Wrestling is well known to be a bit of a soap opera with it’s entertaining side stories and their matches of athletic moves that are more theater than actual competition. Recently Jericho’s niece has been on the receiving end […]

Bad Grant may never have gotten us the win in the Super Bowl, but that has never stopped the NFL Hall Of Fame coach from being the most loved coach in Vikings history. Bud is cut from the cloth of a time when a hard nosed coach got things done with hard work which made […]

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