This time of year is football heavy when it comes to sports. The NFL is hitting the playoffs and college football just wrapped up their championship game. Next, basketball seems to take over. In the middle are several other sports and activities in college that sometimes go unnoticed. The University of Minnesota’s dance program is […]

One complaint we have in the northern states that not too many southerners can complain about is potholes in our major roadways. Every year there are complaints issued with cities and counties about tire damaging, car rattling potholes. As long as we have snow and ice on the roads these menaces will continue to be […]

Every once in a while we see an older person performing on Tik Tok or other social media. Most of the time it’s a fun video of their birthday or other life moment and other they are teaming up with their grandchildren to make fun viral videos. In this case a woman in Iowa filmed […]

Going viral can happen in a few ways. Sometimes those that do see something rare that they luckily catch on film and sometimes it’s a funny situation. Can it be both? Yes. There was an earthquake the other night in San Francisco and, just like reporters here going out to ask people about snow on […]

So many people tell me how relaxing golf is and that it’s really fun. When I was younger I tried it at school and I literally couldn’t hit the ball 10 yards. I knew with my frustration level growing that I should not continue on as I would be more stressed than relaxed playing the […]

… Do they really appreciate that it’s done for the year? And that’s the bottom line.

Do you remember where you were in 2009? I don’t remember much about it other than I was in the same house I live in now, both my kids were in school, and I was a year away from being on the radio. Crazy. The phones weren’t so “smart” back then and the only way […]

It seems every couple years someone running for office puts out an ad so funny or ridiculous that the media gets a hold of it. The most popular way to go viral is to be so controversial that you scare people or so outside your comfort zone you come off as a bit of a […]

We live in an age where people use social media more than most mediums to promote items or themselves. Videos of them telling jokes, making fun of their pets, doing extreme stunts, and dancing. Dancing seems to be the best way to go viral. There are thousands of videos of people doing the exact same […]

If you didn’t know who Walker Hayes was a few years ago you definitely know him now. Hayes has been in Nashville trying to make it big since 2005. He came with his wife and a degree from Birmingham-Southern College in music with an emphasis on piano. His climb to make it to the charts […]

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