Written by on January 4, 2024

One complaint we have in the northern states that not too many southerners can complain about is potholes in our major roadways. Every year there are complaints issued with cities and counties about tire damaging, car rattling potholes. As long as we have snow and ice on the roads these menaces will continue to be an issue. I know that the complaints about the streets in LaCrosse alone are plentiful. There have been stories of potholes taking on a life of their own or getting famous treatment. Arnold Schwarzenegger once got together with his neighbors and filled one and Minneapolis had Lake Chipotle that was deemed a landmark until it was repaired. In this case a pothole in Michigan had grown big enough that a large recliner could fit in it. Cory Denny decided to take a picture of himself sitting in the chair in the pothole and it immediately took off on social media. Other people took their own photos with the pothole and even added to it by building a makeshift living room around it. Would you go take a picture with the pothole if it was near you?

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