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If you didn’t know who Walker Hayes was a few years ago you definitely know him now. Hayes has been in Nashville trying to make it big since 2005. He came with his wife and a degree from Birmingham-Southern College in music with an emphasis on piano. His climb to make it to the charts […]

So many people bemoan and complain about the weather here. We all know it gets hot and humid in the summer, and bitter cold with windchills in the winter. A friend told me a story of coworker visiting from the Carolina’s this last week who literally asked, “How can you live here?!” He could just […]

Everyone knows I’m a diehard Vikings fan. On game day I’m wearing purple from head to toe sometimes. Special event on game day? Maybe have it a different day if you would like me in attendance. Do I hate the Packers? I hate the Packer more than Aaron Rodgers hates his own family. I’m not […]

Yesterday’s game was not a great start for the Minnesota Vikings. Before even one second had come of the clock there was a false start penalty called. That was just the start of a string of penalties and miscues in the first half of the season opener at the Cincinnati Bengals. Most of the mistakes […]

What a blessed day it is to have your baby baptized! All the family is there celebrating along with you, and ready to visit afterwards and eat green Jello, cake and ham sandwiches. The baptism itself can sometimes be a bit of an adventure. With my own kids we have stories because my son wasn’t […]

As a dad we are required to embarrass our children from time to time. Sometimes it’s even on purpose! This dad decided that making light of his daughter’s first driving lesson was one of these times.

We all know we have to go get those sidewalks and driveways clear after the big snowfall. Whether you use a shovel, a snow blower, an ATV/UTV, a tractor, or a truck there may be no more fun way to do it than with a flamethrower! This gentleman in Kentucky – dressed appropriately as Cousin […]

Kids can be the most creative people in the world. If you give them a chance they can come up with magic! This young lady from England and her dad recorded a song about dinosaurs and it’s even available on Spotify! Jimmy Fallon sang a cover of it on the The Tonight Show as well. […]

Some pigeons in Las Vegas have been spotted wearing cowboy hats. No one knows why, but it’s happening. Only in Vegas! No word if you get charged 20 bucks to take your picture with them.

I think it’s safe to say that this dad is the cheer team’s biggest fan!

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