It sounds like something Homer Simpson would say as a joke. Over the years The Simpsons have made this joke whenever something is edible or remotely sounds like something you would eat and Homer would start to drool. I think even he would reject this idea. 7-Eleven – which is thankfully nowhere near here is […]

Maybe it’s not too common anymore, but there was a time when we all had spare change on our person. We needed it for snack and pop machines when we need something quick or at a ball game or work. You either needed a quarter or a friend did and you were happy to give […]

This seems to be a debate in most homes: what temperature should the water be? Not just in the shower or sink, but them water heater running in your basement. My mother-in-law always had the water temperature somewhere near hot lava in the heater. You had to be careful turning on the spigot or you […]

I’m amazed by the different ways that people find to self propel themselves across water. Water skiing and surfing are the first things to come to mind, but there is gliders, sails, and even self propelled boards that look like a skateboard. One way of doing it is using what is referred to as a […]

Sharks: they will eat you. That’s a scientific fact. If you’re in the water and see one you should do your best to get to shore where they can’t reach you. You should not go out into the shallow waters even as they have been known to go pretty close to the shore to get […]

Nature has it’s moments of pure joy and beauty. Times where we see it in action and realize that without its natural course that the world would be in a bad place. Nature can also be brutally frightening and catch us off guard. Yup, animals attack other animals and not every cuddly creature makes it. […]

When you have an ATV or a UTV (that’s a a 4 wheeler or a side-by-side for those that don’t know) you like to go for drives down the trail. Occasionally you find a challenge to take on. For instance, there may be a pit or climb put in by the trail managers that allows […]

Every year (and I do mean EVERY year) there is a story about the perils of ice fishing. Some are very sad while some are fun. The rest you kind of wonder how intelligent folks are. I may not go out fishing in the freezing temps to see if I can get any lunkers, but […]

The perfect proposal: a man and a woman on the bow of a boat, bobbing in the ocean, a beautiful sunset, and the perfect way to propose just a second away. It sounds perfect, doesn’t it? It looks that way too until near tragedy strikes. Just as the young man thinks she is unaware of […]

There are kids out there that I hope find their calling sometimes by accident. They see something and react and have the realization that they have found the path to what they want to do. That may be the case here as Finn Connor left a Celtics game in Boston the other night with hos […]

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