Written by on October 27, 2023

I’m amazed by the different ways that people find to self propel themselves across water. Water skiing and surfing are the first things to come to mind, but there is gliders, sails, and even self propelled boards that look like a skateboard. One way of doing it is using what is referred to as a kite. No matter how you do it you are pretty exposed out there on the water. On the local rivers and lakes you have to look out for the occasional log or other boaters and wildlife isn’t too much of an issue. Imagine you’re out on the water an an animal weighing more than a car decides to join you on your ride. That’s what happened to a guy out kite boarding and a whale decided to jump out and flop right on top of him! His camera caught the whole thing and he’s lucky to be alive. I kind of wonder if it was road rage. Did he cut him off in traffic? This wouldn’t happen on the Mississippi.

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