Not everyone gets to make the winning shot or have themselves all over the news for their athletic abilities. There are those players that play the best they can and contribute where they can. They are just as much a part of the team, but they don’t see the playing field as much as others. […]

Sometimes the old ways a re still the best ways. 43 year old Robert Siegfried of Janesville, Wisconsin has had enough of using social media to find a wife. He’s looking for someone “Local and honest” to settle down with. So, since modern technology has failed him he has decided to move to a more […]

Everywhere you live there is some form of stress. It can come from home life, work, or just the drive between the two of them. There are a lot of factors that can increase stress at work:  Demanding bosses, being understaffed, tight timelines, and being in the state of Texas, apparently. There’s a new study […]

The Viroqua FFA chapter came in to the studio to talk about the importance of FFA and how it helps them. They talked about how it can help others as well and that you don’t have to grow up on a farm to be in FFA. Everyone is welcome! They all have different paths that […]

The weather is…terrible. That’s not the real problem though. The problem is we take too much time complaining about it. In the tri-states we run the gamut of freezing cold with a windchill to hot as heck with humidity when it comes to our seasons. Somewhere in the middle is perfect Fall and Spring days […]

Where we live is no stranger to bad weather especially in the winter. Every year we usually have one or two bad storms or maybe a string of sub-zero days that seem unrelenting. Every so often we get a big storm that is reminiscent of days long gone when our parents walked uphill both ways […]

Every year (and I do mean EVERY year) there is a story about the perils of ice fishing. Some are very sad while some are fun. The rest you kind of wonder how intelligent folks are. I may not go out fishing in the freezing temps to see if I can get any lunkers, but […]

I love it when people put extra work into their decorating. Not obnoxious measures, but that little more that makes it special, funny, spectacular. Jeffery the Snowman in Milltown, Wisconsin is gigantic! People are driving from all over to get pictures with him. The cool (pun intended) thing is that it is also a fundraiser. […]

Do you remember where you were in 2009? I don’t remember much about it other than I was in the same house I live in now, both my kids were in school, and I was a year away from being on the radio. Crazy. The phones weren’t so “smart” back then and the only way […]

A few days ago I saw a post go out about a young man in Wisconsin who had scored his first buck. The problem was that someone stole it from his family’s residence right out of their driveway! Not cool. His dad put up a post on Facebook begging for help finding the stolen deer […]

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