Country Star Of The Month: Lee Brice

Written by on July 1, 2020

Lee Brice, born Kenneth Mobley Brice, Jr. is a country star that you could probably walk up to on the street and he’d talk to you. He seems like one of the nicest guys in country music. He certainly is one of the more talented. Lee was on the path of playing professional football and was a special teams player for Clemson University where he played long snapper. After an arm injury he went back to writing music something he has done since he was a kid. Not only has he had 5 number one hits on his own he has also written for Jason Aldean, and co-wrote the Garth Brooks song “More Than A Memory”. He recently hit number one in a duet with Carley Pearce on “I Hope You’re Happy Now”. Their clear tones melted so well together that there was no distinct contrast to “pick a side” of who caused the breakup. They were just two people that loved each other yet split up just because.

On his own, Lee has had success with number one hits “A Woman Like You”, “Hard to Love”, “I Drive Your Truck”, “I Don’t Dance”, and “Rumor”. He also broke a record with his hit “Love Like Crazy”. Interestingly it did not make it to number one, but it was the top country song of 2010 according to Billboard Year-End, and broke a 62-year-old record for the longest run on the country chart. “Love Like Crazy” reached top 10 on the Hot Country Songs chart in July 2010 during its forty-sixth week on the chart, setting a record for the slowest climb into the top 10. In September 2010, the song charted for a fifty-sixth week, making it the longest-charting song in the chart’s history; it broke a record set by Eddy Arnold, whose 1948 single “Bouquet of Roses” spent fifty-four weeks on the chart. Lee’s easy going style on stage and in person is why audiences love to see him in concert as he connects with them with a gentle smile and easy conversation. Recently Lee released the song “One Of Them Girls” which has a disarming title. The “girls” he’s singing about is the easy going, not complicated girl he could see falling in love with. She goes to the party to just be there. Even the video doesn’t take place at a bar or party scene. It’s real life showing a hard working woman, and mom just doing what she does. Whenever Lee has come to our area he always feels genuine in saying he’s happy to be here and his interaction with fans is above reproach. I saw him with a big fan who was moved to tears in his presence give a warm hug and spend time talking to her about her life and what she did. That seemed to mean more to him than any bright lights or fame. It was real.

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