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Look, any professional athlete’s personal or love life has a low percentage to do with their playing abilities in most cases. They are celebrities though and people pay attention to their relationships. Aaron Rodgers may be the most watched when it comes to the dating scene. He has dated some big names in entertainment including Olivia Munn, Danica Patrick, and most recently Shailene Woodley. Why does his relationship status matter so much to a certain section of fans? Because some “cheeseheads” actually think that these woman and his relationship with them affects his ability to win games, and they lament it on social media and sports radio call in shows. Also, his relationships have ended strangely and clouded with his Woodley relationship being an engagement for awhile before falling apart with a small window of reconciliation. This is also fodder for opposing teams’ fans who will use this information to goad on the green and gold faithful. Rumors are circulating that A-a-ron’s latest companion is not a famous actress or sports figure, but in fact a spiritual healer and says that she is a witch. Her name is Blu of Earth which she legally changed it to. Yeah, no fan that wears the oppositions colors is going to jab the Packer’s fans with that tidbit of information. I’ve already seen PACKERS FANS having fun with the idea of her casting spells on him and the other teams to assure wins. The “sHeS gOiNg To Be A dIsTrAcTiOn” tweets have also been floating through the social media ether. Again, it really doesn’t matter who he dates or not and that affects how he plays football unless he says something he’s doing directly does just that. Until we have full confirmation this will just be a rumor that may or may not cast a spell on us all. If there are losses the overenthusiastic fanboys may act like they are from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

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