Aaron Rodgers sucks. There, I said it. Now to be clear, not the player that won a Super Bowl and will go into the Football Hall Of Fame with an amazing career. I respect the game. The guy himself doesn’t come off as a great person. Packer fans found a dislike for him more than […]

In a story that seemed too good to be true it finally comes around that it may have been just that. The story of Michael Oher is well known. It came to light when he was drafted by the Baltimore Ravens in 2009. When he came on stage with his family you could tell there […]

There is no position in all of sports that is harder than playing quarterback. None. It is the only position in sports where you have to know what every player knows and what they are up to on the field. They get too much credit for wins and they get too much blame for losses. […]

While it’s not as big as the NFL Draft or anywhere close to the Super Bowl in hype, the release of the NFL schedule is a big deal. Fans can start planning the games they want to attend, figure out their win/loss record, know when they should start trash talking their hated rivals, and plan […]

The final week in the NFL was emotional in a number of different ways. There are a number of teams that had nothing to play for as their losses ended their hopes for the postseason weeks ago. For those still in the playoff hunt they were fully charged up and ready to either solidify their […]

The internet is full of “deep fake” videos and people. Those are videos of people that are made to look so much like a famous person that you really can’t tel the difference. Either just being a look alike or through computer programs and filters it is easy to get tricked by these videos. It […]

The tragedy in Uvalde, Texas has been a tough story to read and hear about. The last few months have been very tough on that community. At some point life keeps moving forward and someone has to lead that charge. In Uvalde the high school football team has stepped up to that leadership role. They […]

Some times NFL teams get together to practice with each other during training camp. Most of the time there are a few scuffles or shoving matches. Apparently with the Panthers and Patriots it got a little too heated when star running back, Christian McCaffery got hit out of bounds and his Panthers teammates took exception […]

We’ve seen this before – celebrity boxing. Two stars or former athletes get in the squared circle together to duke it out. Charity, exhibition, or a real beef with one another makes these things come together. Some of these have been laughable over the years and in some respects, this might be the same. However, […]

In case you didn’t know, there is professional football being played right now and you can see it on network TV. The USFL made a comeback this year with some fanfare and with names only those deep in football knowledge would recognize. I can admit I’ve only caught a few minutes of game play while […]

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