The internet is full of “deep fake” videos and people. Those are videos of people that are made to look so much like a famous person that you really can’t tel the difference. Either just being a look alike or through computer programs and filters it is easy to get tricked by these videos. It […]

The tragedy in Uvalde, Texas has been a tough story to read and hear about. The last few months have been very tough on that community. At some point life keeps moving forward and someone has to lead that charge. In Uvalde the high school football team has stepped up to that leadership role. They […]

Some times NFL teams get together to practice with each other during training camp. Most of the time there are a few scuffles or shoving matches. Apparently with the Panthers and Patriots it got a little too heated when star running back, Christian McCaffery got hit out of bounds and his Panthers teammates took exception […]

We’ve seen this before – celebrity boxing. Two stars or former athletes get in the squared circle together to duke it out. Charity, exhibition, or a real beef with one another makes these things come together. Some of these have been laughable over the years and in some respects, this might be the same. However, […]

In case you didn’t know, there is professional football being played right now and you can see it on network TV. The USFL made a comeback this year with some fanfare and with names only those deep in football knowledge would recognize. I can admit I’ve only caught a few minutes of game play while […]

Look, any professional athlete’s personal or love life has a low percentage to do with their playing abilities in most cases. They are celebrities though and people pay attention to their relationships. Aaron Rodgers may be the most watched when it comes to the dating scene. He has dated some big names in entertainment including […]

Professional sports can be an odd work environment. First, you are paid to coach or play a sport because you are one of the best at it. Second, the contracts can be canceled at any time for multiple reasons regardless of how good you are or whether the team has to pay you after you’re […]

When it comes to sports we all have our favorite player or coach. Bud Grant, Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, Bill Belichick are all known and revered in their own way. In some instances reporters and announcers become just as iconic. Howard Cosell, John Madden, and Joe Buck have all had broadcasts of glory and cringe […]

I had stayed away from the film “Home Team” on Netflix for a few reasons. First, it is a somewhat a true story. It isn’t an in depth look into it’s subject and the trials and tribulations of their story. It looked like it would be a comedic look at the subject which immediately gives […]

This weekend is important to any prospective player trying to make their way into the NFL. In Indianapolis they are holding the NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Field where college athletes show off their speed and skill. Teams take that data and add that to the hours of game tape that they watch to determine […]

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