Speculation always runs rampant when a team is struggling in any sport. In the NHL it seems like coaches get fired willy-nilly every year. However, in the NFL they usually wait until the end of the season because it’s not very long and they might not have anyone on staff to serve as an interim […]

I don’t know why the Vikings can’t just win a game easily this year. Up by 11 with 5 minutes left the Carolina Panthers fought back and tied the game to force overtime. The worst part of it is that the tying touchdown was a 97 yard drive and a successful 2 point conversion. Sam […]

Yesterday’s game was not a great start for the Minnesota Vikings. Before even one second had come of the clock there was a false start penalty called. That was just the start of a string of penalties and miscues in the first half of the season opener at the Cincinnati Bengals. Most of the mistakes […]

Are you ready to SKOL chant again?! The NFL returns and we’ve got all the Purple Pride action you can handle! Whether you’re from the old school Bud Grant and the Purple People Eaters era, a Three Deep disciple looking for the opponent to get “Mossed”, or you regularly watch replays of the “Minneapolis Miracle” […]

Every year hundreds of young men are drafted by the NFL to play a game that could set them up financially for years to come. For some the path is longer than others and some of those that were supposed to have lifelong careers burn out quickly. For every Johnny Manziel, Laquon Treadwell, or Cedric […]

Those that know me know that I have no love for the Green Bay Packers. None. I watched Brett Favre play there and dash my dreams several times. He was an awesome quarterback and when the Vikings brought him out of retirement I hesitantly accepted him on the team. Hate in the sports world is […]

Sarah Thomas has been a very good and steady official in the NFL. I know we sometimes all over empathize “historic moments” at times, but this is truly a moment where someone has broken through the glass ceiling in a male dominated business. She’s the only female on the playing field! Sarah will become the […]

As the NFL season starts to wind down we get to see the best of the best of the season. This season of Covid restrictions, masks, no fans, no preseason is one we’ll (hopefully) never see again. It’s best when we have a local connection to the game as well. So even though the Vikings […]

If you venture into Social Media as a Vikings fan this is a name you may see pop up more and more: Trevor Lawrence. You may also see it accompanied by the hash tag #TankForTrevor. Why will you see this? Here’s why: with the Vikings having one of the worst seasons in recent history and […]

The NFL has been the one saving grace in the sports world during the Covid-19 crisis. Fans of all sports are clamoring for something, ANYTHING sports related to simply get their minds off things and feel a bit of normalcy. Whether it was free agency or the NFL Combine sports fans gathered around their electronic […]

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