Written by on August 3, 2022

Everyone out there has struggles at work and some days they can’t get going at full speed. However, there is a new type of slowing down at work that is more than “a case of the Mondays”. People are realizing that work isn’t – and really shouldn’t be their whole life. So instead of giving 110% at work they are giving the bare minimum, or just enough to get the job done. It’s easy to just tally this up to laziness, but it’s more than that. So often we are pushed at work to do more and more and answer every phone call even though we’re done working or even on vacation. Folks are realizing that, in some cases they are being taken advantage of or aren’t doing what they really should be doing when off the clock. Some say it’s due to the recent pandemic where folks were working from home and found they could get just as much if not more done for work without the constant oversight of a supervisor. Do you find yourself or someone else “Quiet Quitting”?

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