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A man in Georgia used his wits, good timing, and his skill with a shopping cart to stop a thief! As the police pursued the perpetrator this man used the cart in a pseudo spike strip technique that proved fruitful.

This couple has a bit of a predicament on their hands. No worries, there’s really nothing there to be scared of. Also, he has a STICK! Watch close or you’ll miss it.

Since this has been shared online there has been a bit of debate. Is the student lazy? Is he being a “comedian”? Is he not very smart? Should he be failed or should he be commended? Should the teacher have even posted it? No matter what you think just read the paper BEFORE you read […]

Apparently Target had a printing error somewhere along the way and it has been noticed. There were Target stores in Minneapolis and St. Paul that were selling baby onesies printed with “minnesota badgers”. Whoops! Target apologized and pulled them from the shelves. No word on whether Iowa fans put these shirts out in an effort […]

In the old cartoons they would show the character catching odd items: boots, tin cans, license plates, weeds. This guy brought in something much more interesting! Parts on a rocket that was blown up on purpose. How’s that for a fish tale?

I’ve always been a bit of a movie buff and lover of “The Big Screen”. I do my best to catch as many movies as I can, especially if they are of the blockbuster kind in the theater. Most don’t know, but the Oscar’s were simply made as an advertisement for movies and the movie […]

When we grow older we learn two things when it comes to competition: be a good sport and always be humble. When you’re a kid though you can still have unmitigated moments of pure joy that no one can fault you for. thi sis one of those times.

90’s Country is still a big deal! Go to any concert with a local cover band or even a major player in the world of Country Music and they have a cover of a hit you loved to sing back in the day. The days of the rockin’ honkytonk may be in the veiled past, […]

Apparently it’s considered “art” by some, but I will give him credit for making a point about technology. Simon Weckert put 99 smart cell phones in a little red wagon and used them in trick Google Maps into thinking there was a traffic jam on an empty city street. We rely on technology too much […]

The Big Game always has great action and controversy, but there may be no bigger argument amongst watchers of the game than which commercials were the best. I found my top ten and the local one from Winona didn’t make my list because the one they finally showed wasn’t as good as the ones that […]