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While this may be as innocent as he is claiming, why would you even risk this? I don’t trust technology and I don’t trust I may have hit the mute or “video off” button properly. I spent a year working from home and wouldn’t have risked scratching my nose on camera much less this. Leave […]

A fireball that lit up the night sky over Florida and the Bahamas was a large meteor measuring about 16 feet in diameter. The fireball streaked across the sky about 10:19 p.m. Monday and was caught on camera across Florida, including by a WPEC-TV crew doing a report on Facebook Live. The National Weather Service […]

Macaulay Culkin and Brenda Song have welcomed their first child.The couple welcomed a baby boy Dakota into the world on Monday, April 5 in Los Angeles, California, who weighed 6 pounds, 14 ounces, according to Esquire magazine. In a joint statement, the couple – who met a few years ago – admitted they were “overjoyed” […]

Occasionally the news gets interrupted by hecklers or over zealous sports fans while a reporter is on location. We’ve all seen reports where an animal gets a little frisky or angry with what’s going on around them. They’re animals, it’s going to happen. This reporter in Russia was minding her own business doing a report […]

It’s not often we hear about volcanoes erupting, but when they do it is both scary and beautiful to watch. With today’s technology it also doesn’t get missed. Cell phones and cameras caught the event live as do satellites showing the wide spread effect they have. Luckily technology also allows for authorities to evacuate people […]

“I CAN GO ANYPLACE! … TAKE A LOOK! IT’S IN A BOOK!…” It seems there are those out there that want someone not only new, but relatable to be the next host of Jeopardy. LeVar Burton has been gaining traction on the Internet as who most people want to host Jeopardy next. Mostly it comes […]

“YOU DONE MESSED UP A’ARON!” Yes, Aaron Rodgers stint on Jeopardy started this week. The other night when it came to Final Jeopardy a contestant got to have a little fun at Aaron’s expense.

One of the biggest video games of all time was Super Mario Bros. When the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) came out in the 80s it blew away all other consoles mostly because the games you played on it was exactly like the game you played in the arcade. It was revolutionary and all those quarters […]

Imagine running into the local grocery store to get a few things. You come back out and jump back in the car. You wonder why your car is making a “buzzing” sound. You soon realize that it’s not the car but 15,000 bees that have invaded your car like some sort of insect Uber. Luckily […]

On Wednesday I happened to be home in time to see Wheel Of Fortune. We never watch “The Wheel” when we’re home. However, my wife’s friend was visiting from Northern Minnesota and she likes to watch it so we indulged her. Needless to say it paid off as I got to witness history. Dave was […]

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