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As American as Mom, baseball, and apple pie is the world of competitive eating. While it is a worldwide competition many associate it with America’s obsession with overeating and being somewhat unhealthy compared to other countries. It doesn’t hurt that the number one competitive eater in the world is from America. Joey Chestnut has become […]

If you were growing up in the 80s or 90s there was one thing that helped a day home sick make you feel a little better. Between sips of 7Up or ginger ale and toast with a side of chicken noodle soup you got to watch The Price Is Right. Bob Barker entertained you for […]

Spam. It brings up different feeling for different people. For some it’s the last thing they want to see in their email. For others, it’s the meat product they love (or hate) to see on their plate. This story is about the meat product. Joel from Hawaii was traveling with his dance troupe and their […]

40 years at a job is quite an accomplishment for anyone. In Hollywood it’s an incredible achievement that makes someone an icon. Pat Sajak is one of those icons. Bob Barker, Alex Trebek, Chuck Woolery, and Bob Eubanks are some of the game show luminaries that have retired after long storied careers with Pat being […]

It’s the season when dumb tourists try to get their picture taken with wild animals such as buffalo. Usually it turns into a viral video of that person getting attacked by the buffalo. Not everyone out there though is doing something dumb. A family was driving through a wildlife park viewing the animals. Mom and […]

I’m not even sure where to start with this. Watching it just makes me angry and sad for a kid that is the middle of one of their greatest memories and it’s ruined by her own parent. Apparently, there have been some disagreements with parents at the Baraboo, Wisconsin schools and some administrators and school […]

Trends come and go from year to year and sometimes week to week. Cicadas have been the – pardon the pun buzz of the year with a record hatch this year. I’ve seen videos of people trying to work while they are swarmed by them as well as people showing them covering their house. Since […]

At this time of year the turtles are moving around quite a bit. Driving home now I see them on the road regularly and do my best to not hit them. There is a variety of big and small turtles between box and painted turtles and snapping turtles. If you can safely get one off […]

There are different kinds of stupid out there. Reckless bodily harm being the worst with forgetting the one thing you were supposed to bring to an event being on the least harmful end of the spectrum. Imagine having to go to court for doing something stupid and while in the middle of the trial doing […]

You may not know that this was the first year of the Professional Women’s Hockey League. Here’s your notice! While everyone was rightfully following Caitlin Clark and college basketball this season and now the Timberwolves run in the NBA Playoffs another playoff has been going on. The women of Minnesota had a successful season and […]

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