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Morgan Wallen got in a little scrape this weekend getting thrown out of Kid Rock’s bar and getting taken to the local hoosgow. Wallen apparently had a little too much fun with old friends. After he posted bail he put out an apology to the bar staff and the local police department. His mugshot is […]

Every summer we make big plans to have some fun. Boating , camping, vacations and of course CONCERT FESTIVALS! Well, the festivals and concerts are being shelved, but we want to help you feel like you’re there right in your backyard, camper, or wherever you’re celebrating this weekend! We’re having a CAMPFIRE CONCERT starting at […]

Sometimes the thing that brings us all together is song. You get to see some American Idol veterans return to join in. Nothing beats the original, but this is nicely done!

A great way to utilize technology to help out! I wonder what other applications it could be used for in the future? Maybe as a community patrol assistant or to tell me to not eat too much at a festival?

Did he need to do some shopping? Did he need a new sweater? An Orange Julius? Maybe he was just wondering where all the campers were. “Noodles” the bear may have just been bored.

Now why would someone want to do that? They’re closed so you can;pt even gamble! ….. Oh wait, he “Appeared to be under the influence of a controlled substance”. Got it.

How does a five year old even reach the pedals! He really wanted that car I guess. Once, when I was five I really wanted a the Millennium Falcon, but I didn’t steal a car to go get one.

I could not be more happy to hear this! Nic Cage is a great actor, but his choices over the years have made him a bit of a target for criticism. After winning an Oscar for his role in “Leaving Las Vegas” and being the lead in “National Treasure” and it’s sequel he was showing […]

We’ve all heard stories of people thinking they can speed because there aren’t as many people driving right now. It seems even those meant to uphold the law are not immune to this egregious act. Thankfully we have officers upholding the law as well. Thank you Officer Justus! He’s the not the hero we deserves, […]

Will Reeve is a reporter. Just like you, he has to do his job from home as many reporters are. He sets up his own camera and back ground and he picks his own wardrobe. Apparently his camera angle the other day wasn’t high enough and everyone noticed.

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