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Hiring a babysitter for your kids can be stressful. If it’s your first child you become nervous leaving them with someone that may not be an adult or that you sometimes barely know. Leaving them with a relative cuts down on that stress a lot. A s parents, we sometimes feel guilty if the person […]

Whenever you go out for recreation you should always know the boarders to the property that you are on. Whether it’s hunting, snowmobiling, ATV or horse riding, or sledding you shouldn’t go where you’re not welcome. You may be damaging an ecosystem or just wrecking someone’s property without knowing it. Also, you don’t have a […]

People are intrigued. Apparently before the Super Bowl played a few weeks ago the folks in Germany had their own event just before game time. There was a game of football played on ice. There were yard lines and end zones clearly marked and even fully lighted goal posts. The fun part is that they […]

Back in October i had the privilege …. no the honor of telling you about the upcoming Florida Man Games. Those games finally happened this past weekend. The inaugural “Florida Man Games” went down in St. Augustine, Florida on Saturday, and organizers called it a huge success.  If you haven’t heard of it, it’s basically […]

It’s always cool when someone gets to live out their dreams. We cheer them on and hope that whatever schooling or training they need goes well. Usually, the dream being lived out is getting that job or career they’ve always wanted that is a part of everyday life. What if that dream is a bit […]

Yesterday there was a major outage in the cell phone world. AT&T had an outage that some thought might be a cyber attack. According to the cell provider it was merely a software update that went wrong. People on other cell service thought they were affected as well, but that was because they were trying […]

For the past few years, the city of Kyle, Texas has been trying to break a record by assembling an ARMY OF KYLES all in one spot. They have needed more than 2,325 Kyles to break the world record for “largest gathering of people with the same first name.”  The current record was set in […]

I’m going to warn you straight up that this video is VERY tough to watch. Even the reporter doing the interview is struggling. A motorcyclist in Florida decides that it’s a great idea to go 100 MPH on a highway. He passes a cop car and it is caught on the dash cam. Before he […]

Every year college football ends and there are thousands of players that never step on a field to play football again. There are also hundreds that try to take the next step to the NFL. After the NFL season is over the speculation on where and if any of those hundreds of players will be […]

Beer: a staple of celebrations world wide. In LaCrosse and the surrounding areas you can always find beer as the part of festivals. The only time beer makes us sad is when someone wastes it. When a significant amount falls from the glass or pitcher to the floor we all mourn it and get upset […]

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