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Do you even need to say her last name? Nope. She is a one name superstar and if you simply say “Dolly” everyone knows exactly who you’re talking about. She has been gracing the radio airwaves since the 1960’s with her debut album “Hello, I’m Dolly” which just seems to be the best way she could have ever been introduced to the world. She started out singing solo and teaming up with Porter Wagoner on several songs. By all accounts she was at her musical peak in the 1970s and 1980s with a few hits in the early 90s. The thing is she has been such a great businesswoman for so long and a larger than life personality that she has never really gone out of style. In the 80s she not only sang but forayed into the acting world and did a pretty good job in the office comedy 9 to 5 which she also had a massive hit song of the same name. In the early 90s one of her songs became a huge hit due to Whitney Houston covering her song I Will Always Love You. It was all over the radio and brought awareness back to Dolly and her singing and songwriting.

How many singers have their own theme park? Answer: one. Dollywood is a celebration of all things Dolly. Rides and shows and more can be seen at her iconic theme park. Dolly pretty much handles all her own business decisions and is in full control of every aspect of her name and likeness. When you see someone like Beyonce or Taylor Swift becoming megastars with gigantic concerts and movies just know that Dolly started that way before them. They’re just taking it to the next and different levels. Over the last few decades Dolly has become someone that stands for what’s right when you have plenty of money to share. When her hometown area had terrible forest fires she led fundraising efforts and donated a hefty sum of her own money. She is constantly giving to charities in and around Tennessee and the world. She even gave money to help fund Covid vaccine development that became the Moderna vaccine.

Now she’s changed herself up once again by becoming a rock star. She was recently inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame due to her incredible influence on music as a whole. So Dolly did what she always does, she changed herself up again! She put out a rock album filled with covers and team ups with other rock singers called simply Rockstar. Her version of Queen’s We Will Rock You and We Are The Champions have already been adopted by the Summer Olympics. Dolly isn’t slowing down even at the age of 77. On Thanksgiving Day she popped up at the Cowboys home game halftime show dressed as a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. Who knew she was going to dress in the well known outfit? No one but Dolly herself. Even her manger had no idea until she walked out of the dressing room! There truly is no one like the current Queen of Country Music, Dolly. She is more than country icon, but a world wide hero to many and a shining example of who we should all strive to be more like.

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