Dolly Parton

When you watch beauty pageants you know that there is a focus on looks with the contestants. What a good amount of people forget is the talent and smarts that a lot these people have. They have degrees in law and business and are accomplished musicians with talents that stretch far beyond their beauty. When […]

I love the Christmas season! Always have and I think it’s due to my positive outlook and the chance for people to be better and do better at this time of year. Christmas music is a must, but even I have some songs that I could hear less of or remove from the playlist altogether. […]

We all know how awesome Dolly Parton is. She is a supremely talented singer and actress, a theme park owner, and a philanthropist that helps many charities. Some have said that there are charities she supports that most people don’t even know about. Whenever she pops up on a talk show she is always funny […]

Most know that Dolly Parton helped with a donation of funds to Vanderbilt University for vaccine research. Yesterday it came full circle as she received her Moderna shot. That vaccine was developed from research that Vanderbilt was part of. She shared video showing her getting it on social media and encouraged others to do the […]

Just so it’s said right up front: I was able to get the vaccine because I am a volunteer EMT and considered part of the front line workers. I’m nowhere close to the heroes working in the hospitals – Doctors and Nurses, cleaning crews, and care professionals that are working in the middle of this […]

Over the years Saturday Night Live has had a slew of great impressionists. From Dan Ackroyd’s wacky Julia Childs to Dana Carvey’s loved impressions of President George Bush Sr. and Ross Perot to Darrell Hammond’s spot on portrayal of President Bill Clinton and hilarious take on Sean Connery. One of the underrated cast member s […]

The last year has been awful and we all know that. Through it all and leading up to it certain individuals have worked hard to keep hopes up and be a beacon. Dolly Parton has always been an individual that looks to the bright side of things. It was surprising to not only Stephen Colbert, […]

The $1 million donation that Dolly Parton made to Vanderbilt University Medical Center for COVID-19 research in April seems to have gone to good use. ABC News reports that when pharmaceutical company Moderna announced that its vaccine appears to be 94.5% effective earlier this week, the list of research supporters in the New England Journal […]

It was sad news this morning when we heard of the passing of the great Mac Davis due to complications from heart surgery. Mac wrote many songs for some of the top artists including Elvis Presley, Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton, Bruno Mars, Glen Campbell, Tammy Wynette, Avicii, Andy Williams, Conway Twitty, Tom Jones, Johnny Cash, […]

Dolly Parton is an American treasure and a country staple! I never knew this about Dolly as she reveals a truly personal story about her life and how it changed her forever.

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