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If you’ve never heard me mention that my wife is a great baker here’s a declaration in print: Lisa is great baker! It’s been more than a joke that she could open her own bakery and we could be rolling in … dough. Sorry about the pun. She works tirelessly around Christmas baking cookies, peanut bars, spritz, and truffles. Our house is messy in the best way possible with the smell of the oven pumping out the sweet smells of the season. Most of these are guarded family recipes that can’t just be released to the public. However, we discussed one that’s from Sara Moulton and her recipe is pretty easy to put together and will wow family friends. Some Chocolate Caramel Peanut Truffles are just the thing to put out on the dessert table during the holiday season. Just so you know, I despise food/recipe blogs where they talk about their dog, family, ideas about how they came up with said recipe, fifty ads for something you don’t need, and their views on anything not related to the recipe instead of giving it to you relatively quickly. So, here’s a few pics of us putting them together with the recipe link at the bottom. We hope you have a Merry Christmas this year with your family and have a great holiday season and Happy New Year!

This plate looks festive, …. but empty. Let’s get it filled up!

First, you got melt all the good stuff together!

Then you gotta let it chill a bit before rolling it into balls and then in the peanuts.

We both did some. Captain wasn’t allowed to help!

Yeah, I usually “sample more than I help. Someone has to do random quality checks! I also make sure the baker know how much she is appreciated.

The finished product! Hope you enjoy!

Here’s the recipe from Sara Moultan and they are delicious! Hope you enjoy them!

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