If you’ve never heard me mention that my wife is a great baker here’s a declaration in print: Lisa is great baker! It’s been more than a joke that she could open her own bakery and we could be rolling in … dough. Sorry about the pun. She works tirelessly around Christmas baking cookies, peanut […]

I use the term “nightmare fuel” sparingly as it should only apply to special occasions of true horror. This is one! A man found a Christmas decoration that is 100 years old and apparently a former Macy’s display item. That’s pretty cool! What’s not cool is that it has become quite raggedy and look like […]

Every year around the holidays we hear about the needs in our communities. It’s good to be reminded that not everyone has it easy at this time of year. With that, if you are able to help by volunteering or by giving donations that is greatly appreciated by everyone. Even the smallest donation of money […]

As much as Artificial Intelligence should be used with caution and we should have concerns about people abusing it there are also helpful applications. Even Santa could use a hand this time of year and AI seems to be a legitimate way of helping him out. Since there are so many good boys and girls […]

I wanted to make sure I got this list out in time for you to sit down and enjoy it leading up to Christmas. There aren’t many weekends in between, but Christmas does fall on a Monday so you can get a few week nights in that weekend you can finish it up just in […]

The holidays are in full swing as December 1st starts off the weekend. There are still craft shows to go to and find special gifts. Maybe you’re tired of all the shopping and running around already. Here’s a few things to do that are entertaining and educational from the craft side of things. Friends and […]

It’s that time of year that we see a bunch of Christmas and other holiday ads. Sometimes we get classic ads that have been playing for decades such as the Hershey’s Kisses bell choir, the Campbell’s Snowman Soup, the Corona Christmas Palm Tree, or even the M&M’s meet Santa ad. They’ve been here since the […]

Have you ever gotten something in the mail by mistake? We’ve all had someone else’s mail show up that has a similar name or their post office box is near ours and it gets put in our box by accident. Nowadays people receive packages that aren’t theirs by accident due to a number of issues. […]

It may seem strange to not have a THE traditional meal on “Turkey Day”. Not everyone has turkey at Thanksgiving and some feel they want a change when Christmas comes around. If you’re looking for some recipes or even a “meat swap” we have some help for you. Kaitlyn Riley-Kesler of the Wisconsin Beef Council […]

Ah, the magical holiday season is upon us! I love how it starts with Halloween giving us scares and frights that we get shivers and screams from all in the name of fun. Thanksgiving gives us a time to reflect on family and the good we experience. While Christmas gives us a time of giving […]

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