When there are bad snow storms you know what you have to do to get your walk or driveway cleared. You may see businesses with large parking lots and they have to make giant snow piles to try to clear the glut of the pretty white stuff. Imagine if you will having to not just […]

If you’ve never heard me mention that my wife is a great baker here’s a declaration in print: Lisa is great baker! It’s been more than a joke that she could open her own bakery and we could be rolling in … dough. Sorry about the pun. She works tirelessly around Christmas baking cookies, peanut […]

The holidays are in full swing as December 1st starts off the weekend. There are still craft shows to go to and find special gifts. Maybe you’re tired of all the shopping and running around already. Here’s a few things to do that are entertaining and educational from the craft side of things. Friends and […]

It’s that time of year that we see a bunch of Christmas and other holiday ads. Sometimes we get classic ads that have been playing for decades such as the Hershey’s Kisses bell choir, the Campbell’s Snowman Soup, the Corona Christmas Palm Tree, or even the M&M’s meet Santa ad. They’ve been here since the […]

When I was a kid there was a few things to look forward to during the holidays: holiday specials, lots of food and desserts, and no school. Network television didn’t offer a lot to watch during the unlike now when you can throw in a Blu Ray disc, find something on cable, or stream almost […]

DLC Inc. is a bit different from other charitable organizations in a small town. There was a need for a fundraiser for their local town celebration soon after the pandemic. Business owners Dusty Franzwa, Lucas Meyer, and Chris Schroeder (DLC) got together and decided they would head the drive for the funds. They decided to […]

It’s not an old Toy ‘R Us or Payless Shoes. It’s just someone having fun in their own house! A family decided to portray a Spirit Halloween store in their home with the activation buttons even positioned on the floor. The kids are sweet, but the adult as Michael Myers from Halloween steals the show. […]

Bears are pretty much everywhere it seems. They are a beautiful animal and can appear to be as huggable as a dog. when you see them from a distance. However, historically they are not an animal you want to try to hug because they might eat you. Trying to get a close up shot of […]

Imagine a new family moving into town and into your neighborhood. Around here we try to be friendly and go meet them and maybe bring some cookies or bars. We visit and let them know a few helpful tips about town and the neighborhood. What if you went to their home to introduce yourself and […]

A senseless act of violence took the life of Anthony Fimple three years ago. He was a bright, friendly young man with a wonderful future ahead of him. Anthony’s friends and family decided that they would do something to bring awareness, and continue to spread Anthony’s spirit of community and giving with LaCrosse.

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