Author: Brittany Styles

Move over Chicken Dance…a new bird-inspired dance is taking center stage! Jennie-O Turkey posted a TikTok of their employees doing “The Turkey Dance” and it’s adorable! @jennieobrand Check out the ##JennieOTurkeyDance tutorial on @philwright_’s channel & ##DoTheJennieOTurkeyDance with your family and friends this holiday season! ♬ original sound – Jennie-O Turkey The Jennie-O Turkey Dance was developed by celebrity […]

It’s the 60th anniversary of the Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone. The toy that was adored by many children is now a real-life phone for adults! View this post on Instagram A post shared by Fisher-Price (@fisherprice) The description reads: “Introducing the special edition Fisher-Price® Chatter Telephone™ — a phone smart enough not to come with any apps. Its […]

Not sure how to feel about this. On one hand, it’s a pretty amazing and fun concept. On the other hand, the thought of people being able to snap photos and record videos of anything and everything, without being noticed, is super unsettling! Facebook introduces the Ray Ban Stories smart glasses. Available for $299, the glasses, which come […]

Do you have a Fitbit, Apple watch, or any kind of step counter? You might already have a daily goal in mind for the amount of steps to take. Some have thought that the magic number is 10,000 per day. Turns out, we could do less than that and still achieve a healthier lifestyle. According […]

Paging Dr. Addison Montgomery! Kate Walsh is returning for season 18 of Grey’s Anatomy, reprising her role as Dr. Addison Montgomery! Walsh posted the news on Twitter: “Well, well, well, would you look who it is. That’s right, my loves, Dr. Addison Montgomery is coming back to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital and I’m so excited to be home […]

We are loving everything about this family! Check out Dwyane Wade and his wife, Gabrielle Union, in this interview with People. #familygoals Wouldn’t it be great if every home had this level of acceptance, love, and positivity?! We’re sure they have struggles like the rest of us; but it seems they’ve got a pretty great […]

I have never heard of someone doing this! Doug and Dedra got married in Jamaica. The cost per person for the reception was $120.00. Wow, right?! When one couple who had previously sent an RSVP for the reception didn’t show up, Doug and Dedra wanted their money back for the “no show”. Although the reason […]

Who needs Melatonin when you’ve got Regé-Jean Page?! We are everything but calm about this! Calm is one of the many apps to help users fall asleep or relax. The user options include; improve sleep quality, reduce stress or anxiety, improve focus, and self-improvement. There are also sleep stories where you listen to someone read you […]

Cuteness overload! Does your dog howl along to certain songs? It’s the most adorable thing when dogs sing. Check out this superstar! As posted in the YouTube video description; “this old dog, (5) Floyd, has been singing this song since the age of 1, but now it played on the radio and he sang along […]

If you’ve got curves, it’s not always easy to shop for clothing. Old Navy just made it easier! Old Navy is redefining the sizes of its women’s clothes to make them more inclusive. Starting tomorrow, August 20, they will launch “BODEQUALITY”. Old Navy will be the first value retailer to offer sizes 0-30 and XS-4X […]

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