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It’s not often that Minnesota gets connected to one of the biggest events in sports. The Kentucky Derby is billed as “the greatest 2 minutes in sports” and is considered the biggest horse race of the year and kicks off The Triple Crown of races. Minnesota has been a part of Kentucky Derby history when […]

There are many incredible tales of people being dead only to be discovered they weren’t at a later time. Usually these stories stem from a lack of medical knowledge from past centuries when people had death like medical conditions. Epilepsy, comas, seizures, the plague all probably contributed to people being prematurely buried. There are stories […]

The NFL business model is to continue to expand the reach of professional football world wide. There are several countries that have semi-pro versions of American football, but nothing close to the NFL since the World League existed. Every year a couple games are played over there now where previously there was only one. Originally […]

Like something right out of an episode of “CSI” there was something gruesome and scary found in a Las Vegas Lake the other day. Boaters were apparently docking their boat an heard a woman scream not far away. When they went to her aid they found a barrel that had been exposed by Lake Mead’s […]

Late night talk shows have been an American staple for decades on television. Legends have graced the screen with Johnny Carson being the biggest to ever do it and Steve Allen, David Letterman being included on the Mount Rushmore of Late Night Hosts. The 4th is debatable. Some might say it’s this guy, James Corden. […]

Highlight reels in sports are not uncommon. We see them all the time form the football and baseball fields to the volleyball and basket ball courts. It’s truly impressive when we see a miracle play, and it means more when our own team is the one making the play. On occasion there are those that […]

In the late 80s and early 90s Disney ruled the after school airwaves with their slate of cartoons. There was shows with cartoon ducks, bears, and chipmunks. The last one called “Chip ‘n Dale’s Rescue Rangers” took the famous chipmunks and made them private investigators with a few friends that helped them on their adventures […]

Let me be clear: I really don’t give a crap about this trial ….. possibly a poor choice of words there. But the fact remains I really don’t care because it is literally a “he said, she said” case about whether someone was publicly defamed and whether it hurt their reputation. From the sounds of […]

We see movies and shows where there is a child genius throughout history. Science fiction shows are full of them. Kids that are almost smarter than everyone else on the show and figure out complex problems sometimes due to them being kids. From Will Robinson and Wesley Crusher to Doogie Houser (or the updated Doogie […]

Fights in baseball are not uncommon. We here about benches clearing brawls from time to time in the major leagues, but not very often at all in college. Even when there is one at the college level they are quickly broken up without even a punch being thrown. This video that popped up recently shows […]

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