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This baby is already sure to have a lot of fun with mom and dad! They introduce everyone and then sing Salt n Peppa’s Push It. The baby was born 10 minutes later. Check out their musical serenade!

Impressive. Most Impressive. This dad used The Force and built his kids the ultimate Halloween ride. Han Solo and Chewbacca never looked better. I heard they went through the neighborhood in under 12 parsecs.

Jayden Wigginton truly appreciates everything Coach Richard Nelloms did for him as his coach. He thanks him with a letter and it couldn’t be better!

Jeff Adams is obviously a baseball fan, but he’s apparently a bigger fan of his beer. In the World Series stands holding a beer in each hand he let a homerun hit him. I’m sure those beers are about $15 a piece so I can fully understand not wanting to spill any.

Angel Cardenas, a reporter for KMAX-TV, was doing a segment for “Good Day Sacramento” at the Sacramento International Auto Show. During the segment, Cardenas can be seen lying down on one of the classic Ford Thunderbirds before opening a car door into another restored Thunderbird. None of the cars’ owners were around while Cardenas was […]

MEA week means that the regular season is over and the playoffs begin! You can start to catch MN High School Football Playoffs starting this Tuesday night! Click the link for the brackets and where you can catch your favorite teams! CLICK HERE FOR MSHSL HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL BRACKETS

I’m a huge Vikings fan, but I’m not sure I would go this far to wait until they won a Super Bowl. If I thought it would help then I would definitely do it. He might be up there until the end of the season.

Shay Bradley obviously had a sense of humor. Maybe it’s best to say he STILL has a sense of humor. Hard to say since he’s dead. Either way he had a recording set to start from his coffin after it was lowered into his final resting place and the reaction is hilarious! BE AWARE THAT […]

When the leaves change colors we have one the most beautiful areas to explore and have fun in! If you’re looking for somewhere to take your little pumpkins, or your ghosts and goblins are looking for a scare we can help you out a bit! Here are some of our favorites: MONSTER BASH: NIGHT TERRORS […]

Michael Reeves is obviously a daredevil! A few days ago he asked the Internet to help decorate his room by having people tweet links to Amazon at him. The ones with the most likes would get automatically shipped to him without him knowing what they even are using computer wizardry! You can see his video […]