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Kids sometimes do the best things ever. They understand sometimes that they have to go the extra mile for those around them. In Detroit Lakes, Minnesota some students made sure their friend with Cerebral Palsy got to be part of their game of football.

This weekend in Nebraska all the people named “Josh Swain” got together to have a battle royale to see who the ultimate Josh Swain is. What started as a bit of a joke on Facebook morphed into an event that people just needed after a long year. A young man that is 5 years old […]

In a surprising turn Caitlyn Jenner – formerly known as Bruce Jenner an Olympic Decathlete has entered the race for Governor of California. She currently is a reality TV star as part of the Kardashian family. California may have a recall election and she is looking to take over the job. Jenner made the announcement […]

This time of year we know our farmers are very busy. New animals, tuning up and repairing equipment, prepping and planting fields all take a lot of time and hard work. As I say, “Farming isn’t a job, it’s a lifestyle.” You’ll often hear me say to you to give them some room and patience […]

We’ve all had that moment where we get startled in the middle of the night. We’re sure we heard something downstairs or in the other room that sets off our radar. In my experience the next thing I’m told is to “go check that out”. So I do to find something that was previously leaned […]

Not everyone puts up wainscoting. Not everyone likes wallpaper. Not everyone wants only neutral colors in every room. This home owner definitely isn’t doing what most people do. The housing market is hot right now and a gentleman in New Mexico figures it’s best to sell while the getting is good. You just have to […]

There’s a good number of people that know the frustration of trying to get somewhere quickly and something holds them up. Around the tri-state area we’ve all been stuck behind a tractor or other slow moving vehicle just trying to get where they’re going. Maybe you’ve had to wait for a semi to back into […]

In the 1980’s Transformers hit the toy scene. They were made of metal and plastic and they took playing with vehicles to a new level because now that car or plane turned into a robot! It was cool! They had a cartoon that went with it (so you would buy more toys) which eventually became […]

While this may be as innocent as he is claiming, why would you even risk this? I don’t trust technology and I don’t trust I may have hit the mute or “video off” button properly. I spent a year working from home and wouldn’t have risked scratching my nose on camera much less this. Leave […]

A fireball that lit up the night sky over Florida and the Bahamas was a large meteor measuring about 16 feet in diameter. The fireball streaked across the sky about 10:19 p.m. Monday and was caught on camera across Florida, including by a WPEC-TV crew doing a report on Facebook Live. The National Weather Service […]

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