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No Riverfest, no Oktoberfest, and no CMA Fest. However, there will be a Best of CMA Fest on tonight so you can relive great performances! Check it out tonight on ABC. You will have to buy a “virtual ticket”. Best of CMA Fest

Drive In theaters have had a resurgence in the United States because you can easily socially distance. You’re in you own car and it’s outside which are both positives. In France they’ve gone one step further with boats on the river Sienne. We could do this too! You wouldn’t have to worry about someone walking […]

Yes! You read that right! Reba got locked in a trunk and got released at Costco. In this case Reba just happens to be a chicken and this story has a happy ending.

Lindsay Ell revealed she is a survivor of sexual assault. With the release of new song, “make you,” Lindsay is publicly addressing–for the first time–being a survivor of sexual violence. The deeply personal song explores her life after being raped as a 13-year-old. “Three years ago at a visit to help launch the music program […]

OK, I get it! You want to have the most beautiful picture from the biggest day of your life. We live in a society that only feels like they exist if they get a “Like” or a “Thumbs Up”, right? Well by all means keep trying to get that ultimate wave-crashing-behind-us-so-we-look-extra-special-wedding picture. I mean, what’s […]

Living in a pandemic world hasn’t been all bad. So many home projects have gotten completed. People are going outside more and getting more exercise. Creativity has also been pretty high. So when you listen to and watch this new song – inspired by Brad Paisley and video by Lady A’s Dave Haywood along with […]

It’s not everyday you see an accident. It’s not everyday you get married either. It made no difference to Rachel Taylor who was driving home from her wedding with her newly betrothed husband to come across an accident and immediately help out. Still in her gown she helped care for a woman with a large […]

Despite the CDC’s recommendations, Chase Rice threw a rager in Tennesee last Saturday. The concert took place just one day after the highest single- day increase of coronavirus in the state. ICYMI Kelsea Ballerini wasn’t havin’ it! Imagine being selfish enough to put thousands of people’s health at risk, not to mention the potential ripple […]

We have seen many videos over the years of animals a little stuck. It may start off as kind of cute, but you quickly realize it’s a bad situation in the end. In the following video you almost are glad the bear is where it is so it can’t fight or hurt anyone. Kudos to […]

Today there was a tweet with a new song and powerful video called “March, March”. That was basically it. However, it was tweeted from the former “Dixie Chicks” account that has been changed to just “The Chicks”. The change comes as a way for them to separate themselves from any wording that may be viewed […]

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