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Imaging getting your tax refund check you’ve been waiting for. You can finally get some debt relief for your rent or car payments. You go to cash it only to have the bank reject it. Why? Because the signature is from one Mickey Mouse. **insert joke here about what type of operation this is Rhode […]

A few months ago Brad Paisley decided that he wasn’t going to let a pandemic get him down. He felt so strongly about that he wrote a song to bring us all together. “No I In Beer” quickly became a bit of an anthem for the current shelter in place society. Better than that though […]

Garth Brooks revealed today that his daughter, Allie got a positive Corona virus test. A few weeks ago Garth canceled his Live! From Studio G because someone on his team tested positive. Luckily no one else tested positive and she had mild symptoms and is recovering. The Boot has the full story here.

There is nothing like the rush of bidding at an auction. I can only imagine how that feels if you basically have unlimited funds. Here we have a car that sells for WAY more than was ever put into it. If you saw the movie Ford vs Ferrari you might wish you had the coin […]

The Minnesota State Fair wanted to find a way to have some feeling of going to The Great Minnesota Get Together. What they’re doing is having a socially distant potluck of sorts – a State Fair Food Parade. So you can still get cheese curds, pronto pups, Sweet Martha’s Cookies, and most of your “on […]

The NFL, just like the MLB, NBA, NHL, and MLS is getting ready to go back to work. Sure, it won’t be normal just like everyone else is experiencing, but they are trying to get going on time. The biggest difference will be no preseason games due to Covid-19. Behind the scenes you can see […]

Covid-19 has sure had a major impact on all businesses. From the large to the small, they have had to make adjustments or close down altogether. It’s a sad state of affairs. One business in Michigan has found a way to give people a chance to go on a treasure hunting adventure due to their […]

Heroes come in all sizes and not all wear capes. Bridger Walker is 6 years old and when he saw a charging German Shepard coming at his younger sister he jumped between them to protect her. He suffered facial lacerations and got 90 stitches. His aunt put his story up on Instagram and he has […]

Apparently Burger King (slightly tongue in cheek) has decided to help fight against the emissions that their cows put out. They started a campaign about how they are feeding their cows lemon grass to reduce their burps and farts. Walmart yodeling sensation, Mason Ramsey and a collection of kids that most likely will go on […]

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