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There are all sorts of ways to get items from a store nowadays. You can wear a mask and go in, they can be delivered in the mail, and there is curbside pickup. This lady decided she would go with aisle pickup and just drove in to the store. She also decided not to pay […]

Somebody either got fired or never found the time to get back to the treasure they hid in the library. A library in Walla Walla, Washington did some remodeling and they found the best treasure ever: Godzilla gum and Hamm’s beer! Although they were in good shape they were slightly past their expiration date by […]

OK, so it’s not EXACTLY what you might think. However, it is not wrong. The DMV accidently sent her a new license with a picture of a chair. The resemblance is uncanny in that it looks nothing like her. They replaced it and found the problem in their system.

Oh, those days gone by where you went to the local video store and walked the aisles looking for a movie to enjoy. Those days are pretty much over. Blockbuster was the king of all video stores and the last to basically die off. However, you can now enjoy staying at the store as long […]

Can’t come up with new material? The lockdown getting you down? Like cats? Then it’s the purr-fect time to release new versions of your catalog sung entirely with the word “meow”. That’s what Old Dominion did “Just for fun” and it’s kind of catchy. They did several but here’s “Make It Sweet” to get you […]

In these crazy times and lack of person to person interaction it is not unimaginable that folks may grow relationships in different manners. Sure, you can still see people online through Zoom, Snapchat, Facebook, etc. However, people come and go in your life. Who’s always there for you? Beer. Beer is always there for you […]

When we’re kids there is no greater joy than a minor accomplishment. Whether it’s launching off a jump with your bike, a paper airplane that flies super far, or that object you put in the creek finally floats all the way down the stream we, as kids thought we had just conquered the world. Here’s […]

NASA astronaut Chris Cassidy, commander of Expedition 63, jammed out to Travis Tritt’s “It’s a Great Day to Be Alive” aboard the International Space Station. After seeing the video, Travis posted his own message via Twitter, stating: “This is the closest I will ever get to actually being in space. I’m very honored to have […]

It is always worrisome when you hear the phrase “an explosion has rocked the area”. In Beirut yesterday there was an explosion of epic size that levels buildings, flipped cars, and destroyed a grain storage facility. Over 130 people are reported to have been killed, thousands injured, and several hundred thousand are homeless. To see […]

Jill Karofsky found a unique way to get sworn in to her new position: do it in the middle of a 100 mile marathon. They had the ceremony at mile 35. In this current state of the world this seems like the most normal thing I’ve seen in a while. She’s like the Forrest Gump […]

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