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If you haven’t seen or heard of Peloton then you’ve been far away from any kind of media. Peloton is basically a workout bike that links to trainers via the internet and a video screen and can be manipulated by them. They recently came out with a commercial where a very fit woman gets it […]

Travis Morris, a Fresno State marketing student has been garnering national attention for his enthusiastic cymbal playing. We can only hope to have this much team spirit!

Luckily he was unhurt, but a Husky in the UK started a fire. The home owner put food in the microwave to keep it away from him, but he was just too determined to get to it. I guess I need to stop complaining about when someone burns popcorn in the employee lounge at work! […]

If this isn’t a load of ironic bah-humbug. Did they even take their last can of Who Hash?

The commercials started off cute and made you smile! Kids doing fun things with others or with their imaginations! Then we got this gem from Microsoft. After that they went straight for your heart! Taking childhood memories and sad moments that made my wife hate me for showing them to her when they popped on […]

From what I’ve seen you definitely don’t want to break into Willie’s home! Amazing story of an amazing woman!

I’m not sure how this happened, but if it happened to me I think I’d be panicking a bit. Funny thing is this seems to be a common occurrence every year or two somewhere in the world.

Dolly Parton is an American treasure and a country staple! I never knew this about Dolly as she reveals a truly personal story about her life and how it changed her forever.

Really?! That’s all I’ve got.