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Sometimes it’s a matter of “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” when it comes to making decisions. This does not appear to be one of those moments. It’s questionable enough to alter the photos, but it’s downright embarrassing how poorly they were done. I can understand why these girls feel more self conscience […]

I’ve had animals run out in front of me multiple times. The majority of times I’ve avoided them by applying the brakes or them being decisive in their travel path and we both come out unscathed. This weekend the wife and I were traveling to Winona and a bird hit the frame of our open […]

Every year we go through tax season as if our life is over. Now those that do their own taxes may feel that way as they stumble through all the paper work or computer screens trying to get a refund versus paying in. Those that use a tax preparer have it a little easier since […]

Some stories you just don’t need to say much more than what they are. Just wonder why it’s so dusty in the studio.

Every year hundreds of young men are drafted by the NFL to play a game that could set them up financially for years to come. For some the path is longer than others and some of those that were supposed to have lifelong careers burn out quickly. For every Johnny Manziel, Laquon Treadwell, or Cedric […]

I’ve always wanted to try metal detecting. I want to go out and find something really cool though not just coins and old bottle caps. We all dream of the possibility of finding “buried treasure” that will make us rich and famous. Or even find a lost wedding ring and return it to it’s owner. […]

FREE! FREE! FREE! Everyone wants something for free! The US Coast Guard wants to give you a free lighthouse! That sounds cool! You can live there and be everyone’s nightlight for the entire area. I mean, how many times have you checked out Zillow in the last year and thought about getting away from it […]

We all love animals and it hurts when they are hurting or in danger. We wouldn’t be human if it didn’t bother us when they’re in peril. The Chicago Fire Department was putting out a fire and trying to get to a trapped feline that had been sitting in the building’s broken out window deciding […]

We all make sure to check the weather reports on the local news. Gone are the day when it was a basically a cardboard bulletin board with pre-placed shapes and numbers. The technology has been around for decades for the weather reporter to stand in front of a green screen and chose multiple graphics and […]

Look, I understand we all have looked forward to flying cars and cars that drive themselves since the 1960s. Back To The Future in the 80s and Demolition Man in the 90s further fueled the flames. For the last few years the “self driving” car has been mostly realized and, in fact the “flying car” […]

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